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The George E. Theders Trust Collection

B.A. Bremond Interchangeable Cylinder Orchestral Swiss Music Box: This fabulous instrument was made as a special order for Mr. Alexander Charles Mac Millen of Montreal, Canada in 1880-85. Mr Mac Millen, a gold mine operator and part owner, went to Switzerland in 1879 and placed his order for this music box with Bremond of Geneva. This music box has a beautiful rosewood case inlaid with musical instruments and is accompanied by a matching table with three drawers to hold the extra cylinders. Twelve 19 1/4" cylinders plays six tunes each.54 1/2" w, 29" d, 45" h.

SOLD $82,500.00 - 2/15/04

Mermod Freres - STE.Croix, Suisse Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box: Three 24 1/2" cylinders for this gorgeous Swiss box with zither attachment. The beautiful mahogany case and matching table have brass inlay. Corners of the music box and table feet have ormolu trim. Music box measures 48" w, 16"d, 10"h. Matching table measures 59"w, 27"d, 30 1/2" h.

SOLD $49,500.00 - 2/15/04

Rare Vaucher Fils Paillard Revolver Cylinder Music Box: Four 12 1/16" cylinders play six tunes each. Buried box with banded inlay in wonderful condition. Very few revolver boxes were produced. 32"w, 17"d, 12 3/4"h.

SOLD $27,500.00 - 2/15/04

Nicole Freres Grand Overture Cylinder Music Box: Rosewood case with wonderful cloisonné inlaid. Large 20 1/2" cylinder plays six overtures. Crank Mechanism. 31"w, 10"d, 8 1/4"h.

SOLD $33,000.00 - 2/15/04

Troll & Baker, Geneva, Large Interchangeable Cylinder Swiss Music Box: Has eight 16 1/4" cylinders. Each cylinder plays 8 tunes. The box also has 10 bells struck by bees & 2 zither attachments. The case is rosewood with ebony trim. The lid and front are inlaid with flowers & vines by a master craftsman. Elaborate bronze handles. Absolutely magnificent beautiful music box. 48"w, 23"d, 16 1/4"h.

SOLD $38,500.00 - 2/15/04

Rare Singing Bird Oiseau Cylinder Music Box: 15" cylinder plays 6 tunes. Eighteen central organ & flute notes. Feathered bird in nest in back of cylinder. Bird turns his head, flutters his wings & opens his bill. Ebony case with banded inlay. Great condition. 30"w, 15"d, 14"h

SOLD $30,250.00 - 2/15/04

Super Horse Drawn Scale Model Fire Ladder Wagon Toy: Ca. 1900. Tin plate & wood with wooden spoke wheels. Includes 3 extension ladders, 2 side ladders, cast iron tools, etc., pulled by three hide covered horses. Excellent original condition. 48"w, 14"h.

SOLD $10,450.00 - 2/15/04

Zon-O-Phone Phonograph: "Grand Opera" disc table model phonograph with signal. Beveled glass oak case & carved corner columns. Nickel plated tone arm & mount, with 30" brass horn, with Columbia reproducer. Excellent condition.

SOLD $8,250.00 - 2/15/04

Columbia Graphaphone Type BS Cylinder Phonograph: Ca. 1898. Coin operated with curved glass top. Metal and nickel plated horn attached at top outside of oak case with ribbon decal. Two minute cylinder record. Top mirror missing.

SOLD $7,700.00 - 2/15/04

Three Singing Birds in Cage Automation: Three feathered birds, each with moving heads, tails & breaks. Brass cage with gilt wood base. Key wind mechanism. Excellent condition. 12"w, 10"d, 23"h.

SOLD $6,600.00 - 2/15/04

Stella Orchestral Grand 26" Disc Music Box: Floor model. Duplex combs. Wonderful golden oak cabinet with the lower part containing a compartment for disc storage. Twenty discs. 41"w, 30"d, 3'h.

SOLD $25,300.00 - 2/15/04

John Manger & Co., London Large Swiss Music Box: The box features a drum, nine bells struck by enameled bees, castanets, and a 27 note organ. the fabulous case is burled with line inlay and ebonized trim. Mother of pearl inlay in top and front of case. Fancy bronze handles. Uses 21 3/4" twelve tune cylinder (tune card in lid).

SOLD $33,000.00 - 2/15/04

Symphonion "Eroica" Hall Clock: Wonderful condition walnut case with beveled glass door in center and clock top. Uses 3-discs sets of 13 5/8" discs marked A, B & C. Twenty-five complete A, B & C disc sets. 28"w, 18"d, 104"h.

SOLD $46,750.00 - 2/15/04

Fabulous Inlaid Renaissance Revival Centennial Center Table: Ca. 1876. Manufactured by one of the best New York or Philadelphia makers. The table is probably made for the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial exhibition, and is inlaid on the top with the head of George Washington and flanked with dates 1776 and 1876. Above Washington is a spread eagle with American Flags. Below Washington is a shield with 13 stars. The top has a wide band of elaborate inlay with four different themes. A magnificent table. 45"w, 27"d, 30"h.

SOLD $20,900.00 - 2/15/04

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