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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2016 - 12:00 NOON

Located at the Holiday Inn, 4501 Eastgate Blvd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45245.  Exit 63A off I-275 to East 32 to Eastgate Blvd.
This auction includes items from long time collectors and other fine homes.


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101 # Pair 18th Century Portraits of a young gentleman and his wife, both oil on canvas. He is dressed in fine double breasted wastecoat with lace at neck and she is wearing off the shoulder low cut blue gown with lace trim and large broach at bussom and red and white bonnet, 25 x 30", both in matching gilt frames, 29 1/2 x 34 1/2". Both Very Good, his with small repair at bottom, under portrait. 300 600
102 # 17th Century Portrait of Young Lady oil on canvas portrait of lady with wide lace collar and dark dress, 24 3/4 x 30" in gilt frame, 28 x 33 1/2 ". Three small old repairs and one hole in lower part of dress. 200 400
103 # Period Chippendale Mirror in mahogany with scroll cut crest, base and ears, original mirror glass and old possibly original varnish finish, 20 x 37". Fine. 100 200
104 # American Marine Lithograph entitled "Steamship Emily B. Souder of Philadelphia 1000 Tons Burthen, James H. Winchester Commander. Plying Regularly Between New York, New Orleans and Havana.", printed by Endicott & Co. Lith. 59 Beekman St. New York. Hand colored and flying a 34 star U.S. flag and company pendants with several smaller ships in background, 21 x 33 1/2", in period frame, 23 x 35 1/2". Damp stain along lower margins, even toning, else Fine. 100 200
105 # American Federal Reverse Painted Mirror in mahogany carved and turned frame with spiral and round turned half columns with block from capitals and plinths, each with brass rosettes, panel above with stylized floral carving, cove molded crown molding. Original mirror glass and reverse painted polychrome glass panele above with country farmstead and trees, 17 x 31". Old refinish with good color, original mirror cloudy. 100 200
106 # Pair Period Lemon Top Brass Andirons circa 1790 with scrolled hoof feet and turned finials, 10 1/2 x 13 1/2" high x 21" long. Fine. 100 200
107 # Pair Period Chippendale Brass Andirons with nice turned columns and scrolled feet with ball terminals, 8 3/4 x 17" high x 16" long. Minor wear to iron firedogs, else Fine. 50 100
108 # Marine Motif Anchor Brass Andirons circa 1910-30 in the form of ships anchors, 12 x 18" high x 17" long. Fine. 100 200
109 # Large American Sampler finely embroidered with landscape scene including castle, house, large willow tree with dog and sheep in pasture with surrounding floral vining and Greek key borders, inscription above reading "Naked as from the earth we came/And crept to life at first/We to the erth return again/And mingle with the durst", also with fine vining floral below and pine trees and flowering baskets at ends, Signed below "Sarah Ann Harison" and dated "1920", 21 x 19" high matted and framed, 29 1/2 x 27". Slight fading and minor tread loss, Very Good. 300 600
110 # Early American Sampler with upper and lower case alphobets,, numbers hearts, key, cherries, dog and flowers and signed "Worked By Elma Cranmor In her seventh year.", 8 1/2 x 10" in fine burled walnut frame, 13 1/2 x 15". Very slight fading, else Fine. 100 200
111 # Signed American Sampler embroidered with 10 lines of alternating ABC's and numbers, over grouped letters in two lines and signed below "Mary M.T. Ewan Edison", in mahogany ogee frame. Fine. 100 200
112 # Applique Basket Quilt with four flower baskets in yellow, red, green solids and red calico print, with matching swag and flower border, 1st half or the 19th century, all hand quilted63 x 80" A couple of tiny stains, else Fine. 300 600
113 # Applique Quilt Top in green calico and solid red floral design, circa 1860's, 93" square. Very slight fading, else Fine. 100 200
114 # 1855 Mass. Album Quilt pieced diamond in square pattern, all hand quilted with with 41 central squares with ink inscribed with such inscriptions as "Yes, nineteen years have passed away/Since first I saw the light of day/Nineteen years of blessings rare/Of earthly pleasures, grief and care. /Mary B. Adams/Townsend 1855". Several squares are dated 1854, most are 1855. Both calico and larger period printed fabrics used and made for a four poster style bed, 70 x 86". Some of the other signatures include the following: James Elliot, Emily H. Russel, Medford, Mass., Helen F. Russell, Billaria, Mass., C.H. Floite, Billaria, E.S. Elliott, Laura Hill, Billaria, Sarah Marshall/Billaria March 1855/Aged 70.y./Lover your enimies", Nancy H. Sloan. Townsend, Mass., Ella Culdwell, Washna, Mass., Sarah H. Russell Maiden, Mass., Peter S. Sloan, Townsend, James Sloan, G.H. Russell, Billaria, G.P.Humell, Medford, Mass., Laura W. Hill, Billaria, R.M. Hill, Billaria, Nancy Sloan, Townsend, Elizabeth Emerson, Billaria, Charles Russell, Bedford, Mass., Lanas A. Puer, Worcester, Vt., G.D. Carr, Nashua, Mass., Emma J. Carr, Nashua, Mary A Sloan, Nashua, Louisa Emerson, Billaria, M.B. Lane, Sahburnham, Mass., Caroline Russell, Bedford, and others. A very well documents and readable album quilt. A very few tiny holes, else Fine. 200 400
115 # Early Pieced Quilt circa 1860's with varient of flying geese pattern in green and red calico fabrics, all hand quilted, 92 x 98". A few slight soiled spots, else Fine. 200 400
116 # Early Pieced Crib Quilt with six flower baskets in solid red and green calico fabrics on white & black calico ground with bold red border, all hand quilted, circa 1870's, 39 x 50". Fine. 100 200
117 # Outstanding Pieced Silk Quilt in double wedding ring pattern in gold on white ground, unwashed with pencil marks still present, circa 1880's, with scalluped border, 70 x 88". Fine. 100 200
118 # Fine Pieced Amish Quilt in 12 different solid colors, with classic wide border, winter quilt made with heavy fabric and all hand quilted, 76 x 80". Fine. 100 200
119 # Applique Tudor Rose Qult in pastel solids, hand qulted, circa 1920, 68 x 84". Couple of small stains, else Fine. 100 200
120 # Blue & White 1845 Jacquard Coverlet w/ Eagle Boder signed in corner block "Mary E. Hoff Ashbury 1845 S.C. Vannorthwick Fancy Weaver", 80m x 84". Fine. 100 200
121 # George Washington Jacquard Coverlet in red and blue with bust length portraits of Washington at corners with ribbon banner below reading "Wasshington, above spread winged Eagle with ribbon banner clutched in tallons reading "Hale 1869". Flanked by birds and scrolled floral with highly stylized U.S. capital building at center of borders, starburst and floral center with wide red wool fringe, 76 x 82". Fine. 100 200
122 # Navaho Weaving a fine large weaving in geometric pattern, 47 x 71". Fine. 200 400
123 # Navaho Weaving in stepped mountain design, 30 x 61". Fine. 100 200
124 # Navaho Weaving in traditional geometric pattern, 24 x 50". Slight wear at corners, else Fine. 50 100
124A # Fine Mexican Weaving Woven in two panels in traditional geometric pattern, circa 1900, 32 x 67". Slight bleeding of red, else Fine. 50 100
125 # Polychrome Acoma Pottery Jar in traditional geometric pattern, with impressed decoration at lip, unsigned, 6 1/2" diameter x 5" high. Fine. 100 200
   Pages 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11   Lot # 100 - 125