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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2016 - 12:00 NOON

Located at the Holiday Inn, 4501 Eastgate Blvd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45245.  Exit 63A off I-275 to East 32 to Eastgate Blvd.
This auction includes items from long time collectors and other fine homes.


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1 Early Brass Skaters Lantern a fine early brass and glass sketers lanter, marked on top "Pat'd Dec. 24, 1887" with blown clear glass and original brass chain for hanging, 4" diameter at base x 10" high, less chain. A couple of very tiny dents in brass, else Fine. 100 200
2 Early Brass Skaters Lantern unmarked with clear glass and original brass hanging chain, 3 3/4" diameter x 8 1/2" high. Fine. 100 150
3 # Early Brass Skaters Lantenr with clear glass and brass bale handle, unmarked, 3" diameter x 7" high, less bale. Fine. 50 100
4 # Two Early Tin Skaters Lanterns 1st in original untouched patina with no rust, clear glass and bale handle, 3" diameter x 6 3/4" high, less bale. 2nd with ruby flashed glass and swing bale handle, 6 1/2" high. 1st Fine; 2nd top with moderate oxidation, base with all over brown patina and flashing worn. 100 200
5 # Unusual Skaters Candle Lantern in nickle plated finish with pedestal base, candle chamber with cut and beveled glass panels and hinged door, black painted wood & steel bale handle, 7 1/4" high One glass panel with short line, else Fine. 100 200
6 # Brass Neverout Bicyle Lantern in untouched original patina with domed clear lense glass and red side & rear lights, mount on right side, fixed bale handle, marked on top "The Neverout Trade Mark Insulated Kerosene Safety Lamp Patented Ross MFG. Co. Philadelphia, U.S.A.", 9" highFine. 50 100
7 # Rare Carbide Bicyle Lantern brass with with domed blue glass lense and retangular side lights, also in blue with hinged doors, marked "Twentieth Century" on top and "1898 Model 20th Century MFG Co. Made In U.S. of America" with burner marked "20th Century", stamped instructions on collar and font with brass swing bale handle and fixed hand grip on rear, in original patina, 6" high. Fine. 100 200
8 # Unusual Carbide Lantern in nickle plated finish with clear glass globe and magnifying lense at frongt, swing bale handle, marked on front of frame "Justrite Patented June 6, 1917 Made In U.S.A.", 9 1/2" high, less bale handle. Minor wear to finish, else Fine. 50 100
9 # Early Brass  Carbide Lantern Marked on top front "Gebr, Smink Metalware Fabriek Amersfoort Holland", with clear glass front panel and side doors that open to reveal red glass panel on right and blue glass panel on left side. Pump and font lid on back top and brass strap for mounting to carriage or other fixed object with brass swing bale handle with turned black painted wood grip, polished, interior with mirroed rear refector, 3 1/4 x 4 x 8" high, less bale handle. One tiny dent at top, else Fine. 100 150
10 # Early Copper Lantern with three beleved glass panels and tin refector black on interior, half barrel top with folding bale handle. Left side with hinged door opening to allow copper font to slide out for filling, lacking burner with adapter for elecrtic, not wired, back with copper strap for mounting on carriage or other fixed structure, 5 1/4 x 7 x 12 1/2" high. Fine. 100 200
11 # Rare Covington & Lexington Railroad Lantern with clear copper wheel engraved blown glass globe with "C & L. R.R.", and applied glass ring at top and base of globe, star & diamond punched tin frame with tin loop handle and smoke bell at top, domed foot with punched stars. Glass ont with brass burner, 17 1/2" high. Some oxidation at top and solder joint on base needs redone, else Very Good. 200 400
12 # Pair Early Tin Candle Lanterns cylinder form with star & circle punched peaked tops, C form strap handles on back and blown glass curved panels in hinged front doors, 50+ year old red repaint over original painted finish, original white painted interiors, 11 1/2" high. As above and some paint loss at tops, else Fine 100 200
13 # Pair Signed Wrought Iron & Brass Hog Scraper Candlesticks signed on sliding candle push-ups "Millis" with flared dip pan at top with C form hook for hanging, double domed bases and each with three brass bands at top of slide of push-up, all in nice old brown patina, except brass, which is polished, 9 1/2" high. Both Fine. 100 200
14 # Early Brass Ships Lanterns with attached brass label reading "M'F'G'D By Perkind Marine Lamp Corprn Brookyn-New York" with ribbed clear glass globe and heavy swing bale handle, 7" diameter x 15 1/2" high, all in nice old brown patina.  Lacking font, else Fine. 100 200
15 # Early Brass Ships Lanterns with oval attched label reading "Geo. B. Carpenter & Co. Chicago", with clear ribbed globe and swing ring handle at top and base, brass front marked "AMML MFG Co. N.Y." in nice old black to dark brown patina, 6" diameter x 12" high less ring handle. With short slits in brass frame above globe and a few minor dents. 100 200
16 # Unusually Tall Pair Brass Candlesticks in heavy bell metal type brass with sliding candle push-ups on stems, dip pans and stepped domed bases, 6 1/2" diameter x 20" high, circa 1st quarter of the 19th century. Both Fine. 150 250
17 # Pair Case & Engraved Silvered Bronze Candlesticks with barly twist stems, candle socket and base engraved with all-over stylized floral decoration, 1st 1/2 of the 19th century, 5 1/2" diameter x 14" high. Minor wear to silver, else Fine. 100 200
18 # Pair Cast Bronze Candleabra each with two gadrooned candle sockets and wide gadrooned drip pans, entwined dophine stems over domed bases with cheribum, dolphine and vining floral, early 19th century, 7" diameter x 10 3/4" high. Both Fine. 50 100
19 # Rare Figural Pewter Candlestick in the from of an 18th century gentleman in tri-corner hat and waistcoat with knee length breeches, stockings and buckled shoes, holding a tray/drip pan with candle socket attached, all in nice grey patina, 11 3/4" high. Slight bend to lip of candle socket, else Fine. 50 100
20 # Two Pair Victorian Brass Candlesticks both with octagonal bases and push-ups, one in diamond pattern and one turned, 12" & 11 1/2" high. 1st with crack on one base, 2nd fine. 50 100
21 # Two Pair Case Candlesticks 1st in Adams style, circa 1820 with beaded dip pan, acanthus leaves, vingage and reeded column, removsble dip pans, 11" high; 2nd  in Egyptian revival style, circa 1890's6 3/4" high. Minor wear to both, else Fine. 100 200
22 # Pair Brass Footmen & Doorstop a fine pair of 19th century brass fireplace footman for resting tools on with cabriol legs, 5 x 7 1/2 x 8 1/2" high in nice old mellow patina; and a brass doorstop in the form of a devil atop broken column, mid to late 19th century, 12 1/2" high. 100 200
23 # Two Flint Glass Whale Oil Lamps both clear, one in loop pattern, 9 1/2" high and 2nd in sawtooth pattern, 11" high. Both Fine. 50 100
24 # Log Style Student Lamp in brass with original 7" diameter milk glass shade, unmarked, 17" high. Lacking chimney and tiny chip on shade. 100 200
25 # Spatter Glass Oil Lamp with amber ribbed font with white spatter pattern, base in dark amythist with acanthus leaf pattern, blown chimney with tooled ruffed top, tin burner marked "Good Housekeepers No. 2", 17 1/2" high. Fine. 50 100
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