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Lot # 1081 - 1120
Lot #


A fine 52" x 40" oil on canvas painting of the death of Cleopatra by a trained artist showing Cleopatra clutching an asp (poisonous snake) in her right hand with her cloak off her right shoulder exposing her breast where according to history she was bitten. Relined. Good condition. EST. $600. - $1200.


A fine 25 1/3" x 20" 19th Century oil on canvas of St. Ludmilla. Illegible signature on date upper right. St. Ludmilla born circa 860 A.D. in Melnik, daughter of a Slavic Prince Slauibor and grandmother of Good King Wenceslas. Relined. Good condition. EST. $200. - $500.
19TH CENTURY MADONNA & CHILD OIL PAINTING A 24" x 20" 19th Century oval oil on canvas painting of Madonna and child. Good condition. EST. $200. - $400.
19TH CENTURY OIL PAINTING OF GUARDIAN ANGEL W/CHILDREN A 22" x 18" oil on canvas laid on board painting of children gathering wild flowers with female guardian angel behind watching over them. Good condition. EST. $100. - $300.
N, WEYLER OIL PAINTING OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST A 21 1/2" x 16" 19th Century oil on canvas laid on board painting of St. John the Baptist. Manuscript label on verso reading "St. John the Baptist". Painted by M. Weyler who studied in Paris about 1875. Good condition. EST. $100. - $300.
19TH CENTURY PORTRAIT PAINTING A 16" x 12" 19th Century oil on canvas. Copy of Italian Renaissance portrait painting of a bearded man. Good condition. EST. $100. - $300.
EVGENI ALEXANDROVICH LANCERAY (RUSSIAN) BRONZE Evgeni Alexandrovich Lanceray (Russian, 1848-1886) bronze figure of reclining Cassack in traditional dress. Signed on base in "Cyrillic" and with "Chopin Foundry" mark. In original brown patina. Fine condition. 5" h x 6 3/4" w x 3 1/4" d. EST. $2000. - $4000.
RUDOLF WINDER (AUSTRIA) BRONZE OF DOG AT POINT Rudolf Winder (Austria, 1842- ) bronze of dog at point on rectangular base. Signed "Rud. Winder" and dated "1893". Fine original brown patina. Slight stress line on tail, otherwise fine condition. 6" h x 12" w x 4" d. EST. $300. - $600.
BRONZE BUST OF YOUNG BOY Shoulder length. Unsigned. Nice dark patina. 3 3/4" h. EST. $50. - $150.
ART DECO SCULPTURE SIGNED MENNEVILLE ET ROCHARD Large Art Deco sculpture of lady standing beside a borzoi, in lovely designed dress and cape, with ivorine face and hands. Dog on brown onyx step. All resting on a brown onyx base. Signed "Menneville et Rochard". Loss of gold line to left side of onyx and one missing one piece of side. 19" h x 21" w x 6" d. EST. $200. - $500.
SIGNED ART DECO BRONZED FIGURAL SCULPTURE Signed Art Deco bronzed figural sculpture of young deco lady with two greyhounds, one with head in lap and second she cradles head in her arm. Signed on foot "J. Salade?". Mounted on three color deco marble base. Slight wear to finish, otherwise fine condition. 9 1/2" h x 15" w x 5" d. EST. $200. - $400.
CLASSICAL BRONZE BY GIORGIO SOMMER, NAPOLI Classical bronze figure of a young nude lady standing next to a Roman urn on round base. Signed "Sommer Napoli". In original dark brown patina. Fine condition. 14" h. EST. $500. - $1000.
CHRISTOPHE-GABRIEL ALLEGUAIN BRONZE OF GODDESS DIANE Christopher-Gabriel Alleguain (French, 1710-1795) Goddess Diane bronze showing the Goddess of the hunt about to dispatch a wild boar she felled with her bow. Made into a table lamp by adding base with lamp post. Very good condition. Bronze 13 1/2". Table lamp 28" h. EST. $500. - $1000.
LG. BRONZED STATUE OF SOLDIER ON PEDESTAL BASE Excellent condition. 48" h. EST. $300. - $500.
EQUESTRIAN BRONZE SCULPTURE OF SYTHIAN WARRIOR Roman type bronze of a warrior with horn in hand, mounted on steed with elaborate trappings, on rectangular base. Unsigned. In old dark patina. 7" h x 6 1/2" w x 3 1/4" d. EST. $100. - $200.
BRONZE GRIFFIN HOLDER BY P.E. GUERIN (NY) On square walnut base in nice brown patina. Pierce Emmanuel Guerin was one of the pioneers of artistic metal work in America with numerous important public works. 43" h. EST. $500. - $1000.
TIFFANY STUDIOS RELIEF BRONZE PLANTER With classical figures in high relief stamped on base "S118 Tiffany Studio from the Antique 1607". Slightly oval. In original brown patina. Very good condition. 3 3/4" h x 4 1/4" w x 4" d. EST. $300. - $600.
TIFFANY GRAPEVINE BRONZE BLOTTER ENDS Signed "Tiffany Studios, New York 998". Old patina. 12" x 2". EST. $100. - $200.
RIVIERE STUDIOS N.Y. BRONZE ARTS & CRAFTS CANDLEHOLDERS In the style of Tiffany with coiled rope designs. Very similar but not quite a pair. One is bronze and signed, the other one may be brass. Great old patina, one coil on base. As is. 15" h. EST. $250. - $450.
GABRIEL CORNELIUS VON MAX (GERMAN) OIL PAINTING Gabriel Cornelius Ritter Von Max (German, 1840-1915) 13" x 10" oil on canvas portrait painting of a young lady. Signed lower left "G. Max". Gabriel Max studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague and the Akademic der Bilenden Kunste, Vienna and under Karl Theodor Von Piloty in Munich. He settled in Munich where he opened a private school of painting in 1869. In numerous female figures and portraits, Max explored the charm of the physical appearance. Fine listed artist. Slight inpainting to upper right corner above hair and tip of nose, otherwise good condition. EST. $1000. - $2000.
EGBERT VAN HEEMSKERK (DUTCH, 1634-1704) PAINTING Egbert Van Heemskerk (Dutch, 1634-1704, B. Harlem, D. London) 13 3/4" x 11" oil on wood panel of a interior tavern scene with man smoking and drinking beside lady and two men in background, one being in front of a fireplace. Signed lower center "E.H. Kerck" on barrel. In period original gold frame. Egbert Von Heemskerk was a pupil of Pieterde Grebber. In 1655 he went to Italy and then returned to Amsterdam in 1662. After Amsterdam, he also lived in Harlem and the Hague. He eventually went to London. Fine condition. EST. $3000. - $6000.
SELF PORTRAIT OF REMBRANDT OIL PAINTING A fine 32" x 24" oil on canvas painting of self portrait of Rembrandt. Copy after the 1669 self portrait now in the National Gallery in London. In fine early 19th Century gold leaf and gesso frame. Relined and new stretcher. Good condition. EST. $400. - $800.
19TH CENTURY OIL PAINTING AFTER REMBRANDT A 28" x 20" oil on canvas painting of "The Man with Golden Helmet". Copy of Rembrandt after the painting done in 1650. Considered one of Rembrandt's ironic works. Three small patches, otherwise good condition. EST. $300. - $600.
PORTRAIT PAINTING OF LOUIS XIV OF FRANCE A fine 24" x 20" 19th Century oil on canvas portrait painting of young King Louis dressed in black armor with the French Royal flag in background. Louis XIV (1638-1715) known as the Sun King, ruler who brought France to the height of its power under the Monarchy. Good condition. EST. $400. - $800.
PIETER HENDRIK THOMAS (DUTCH) OIL PAINTING Pieter Hendrik Thomas (Dutch, 1814-1866) 22" x 27" oil on canvas titled "The Shipwreck". Signed "P.H. Thomas" lower left. Fine listed artist. Slight losses of paint under curved frame, otherwise fine condition. EST. $500. - $1000.
SIGNED 19TH CENTURY EUROPEAN OIL PAINTING A fine 9" x 12" oil on board of an approaching storm with two men in boat. Signed lower left with illegible signature. Fine condition. EST. $150. - $350.
19TH CENTURY LANDSCAPE OIL PAINTING A 15" x 24" oil on canvas laid on wood panel landscape painting of a path through woods at sunset. Good condition. EST. $150. - $350.
SIGNED W. BESSER 19TH CENTURY OIL PAINTING 27" X 21" oil on canvas portrait painting. Signed "W. Besser Paris" lower left. Few small patches, otherwise good condition. EST. $100. - $300.
PROFESSOR GIUSEPPE BESFI (ITALIAN) MARBLE BUST Professor Giuseppe Besfi (Italian, 1857-1922) marble bust titled "Jeanne D'Arc". Signed "Prof. G. Besfi" on back. Fine four color marble bust. Repair crack in base otherwise good condition. 14 1/2" h x 15" w. EST. $1000. - $2000.
FRANCESCO BAZZANI (ITALIAN) MARBLE BUST OF SAPPHO Marble bust on pedestal of the Greek lyric poet Sappho from the Isle of Lesbo. Signed on rear "F. Bazzani, Florence". Fine listed artist. A few minor bruises, otherwise very good condition. 23" h. EST. $400. - $800.
MARBLE BUST OF MOZART 16" h. shoulder length portrait of Mozart as a young man on pedestal base. Chip on nose otherwise very good condition. EST. $100. - $300.
SIGNED 19TH CENTURY MARBLE BUST OF CHRIST Late 19th or very early 20th Century marble bust of Christ with Sacred Heart. Signed on base "L. Noroloni"? Made in Italy. Fine condition. 10" h x 11 w x 6" d. EST. $200. - $500.
BORIS SCHATZ (RUSSIAN) JUDAICA OIL PAINTING Boris Schatz (Russian, 1866-1932) 26 1/2" x 20" oil on elaminated wood panel. Signed lower right "Schatz". Boris Schatz Russian born Jewish artist, who immigrated to Palestine and founded the Bezalet Academy of Art in Jerusalem. He was considered one of the founders of the Zionist Art Movement. Prizes include 1898 Silver Medal on Science and Art, Bulgaria 1900 Gold Medal, 1900 Exposition Internationale, Paris, 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo. He worked in Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and France, where he met Theodor Herzl and became a Zionist and immigrated to Palestine in 1906 to set up a School of Zionist and Jewish Art. Original from the Excellent Collection of Julius Fleischman. EST. $6000. - $12,000.
SIGNED A.L. BUELL HOLLAND 1889 OIL PAINTING A fine 31 1/2" x 23 1/2" oil on canvas of an interior scene with lady at door. Signed lower left "A.L. Buell Holland" and dated "1889". Slight craqulure, otherwise fine condition. EST. $200. - $400.
GEORGE OSWELL, JR. WATERCOLOR 14" X 11" watercolor of street scene. Signed lower right "Geo. Oswell, Jr.". Fine condition. EST. $75. - $150.
ALBRECHT DURER (GERMAN) ENGRAVING Albrecht Durer (German, 1471-1528) 4 1/2" x 3" engraving on laid paper of "The Betrayal of Christ". Heller 4, Bartsch 4. Monogrammed "AD" and dated "1508" in block, lower center. Very slight toning and tiny chip to lower right, otherwise fine condition. EST. $500. - $1000.
ALBRECHT DURER (GERMAN) ENGRAVING Albrecht Durer (German, 1471-1528) 5" x 3 1/4" engraving on laid paper of "St. Christopher" facing right. Monogrammed "AD" and dated "1521" lower left. Fine condition. EST. $500. - $1000.
FRANK WILSON COLORED ETCHING W/ARTIST REMARQUE A 9" x 23" colored etching. Pencil signed lower right "Frank Wilson?" with artist Remarque. Fine condition. EST. $100. - $200.
SIGNED COLORED ETCHING WITH ARTIST REMARQUE A fine 9" x 23" late 19th-early 20th Century colored etching. Pencil signed lower right with illegible signature which last name appears to be "Davis?" with artist Remarque in center. Fine condition. EST. $100. - $200.
FRANZ BERGMAN (AUSTRIA) COLD PAINTED BRONZE LAMP Franz Bergman (Austria, 1838-1899) 18 1/2" high very impressive cold painted bronze lamp of a tusked elephant with ornate blanket and harness with driver seated on neck with large Howdah with Royal Princess in elaborate feathered headdress reclining under canopy. Mounted on original black marble base. Signed on side "Nam Greb" and "B" inside urn mark. Stamped on back "Made in Austria". All very well detailed with fine original paint. Fine condition. 18 1/2" h x 12" w x 5" d. EST. $5000. - $8000.

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