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Located at the Holiday Inn, 4501 Eastgate Blvd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45245.  Exit 63A off I-275 to East 32 to Eastgate Blvd.


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126 Oak & Enameled Steel Bathtub Oak & Enameled Steel Bathtub White enameled oval sheet steel tub (much lighter than CI) with silver painted cast iron legs wirh floral scroll decoration, domed oak lip attached to top of tub wirth fine brass and porcelain spouts and knobs.   52" x 27 1/2" x 21 1/2" high. 200 400
127 Oak & Enameled Steel Bathtub Fine Brass Gas Search Light With embossed label on top reading "Solar Lens-Mirror Seachlight Badger Brass MFG Co. Kenosha, Wis. New York", with mirrored back and magnifying cover glass, gas fired and mounted on wrought iron mounting fork. Light is 9" deep x 12" diameter and iron mount is 37" long. Good condition. 100 200
128 Oak & Enameled Steel Bathtub Pump Display A hand operated bilge type pump marked, "New York City" in cast iron and brass with original silver and black painted decoration, and mounted on red painted wood board.   30" x 7 1/2" x 16" high. Moderate oxidation and wear. 100 200
129 Troemroid Scalometer Troemroid Scalometer A double drum dial  marked, "Troemroid Scalometer Chart B Copyright 1918, The National Dry Kiln Co. Indianapolis, Ind. U.S.A." on cast iron base with brass scales.  9" x 4" x 6" high. One drum with damp stains and minor oxidation. 50 100
130 Cast Iron Apple Caps Display Rack Cast Iron Apple Caps Display Rack In the form of an apple in cast iron in original red painted finish with embossed lettering, "Apple Caps St. Louis," iron arms extending to either side and spike top, cast iron base with embossed, "Apple Caps" twice.  30" wide x 29" high. Minor surface oxidation and missing finial, else Fine. 50 100
131 Ferris Woolen Co. Display Ferris Woolen Co. Display Wood and heavy lithographed card stock with green exterior that has lift lid and folding front panel revealing interior with three compartments,  and illustrated lid interior with "Finest Quality Custom Fabric Ferris Woolen Company Successor to Detmer, Bruner & Mason, Inc. Chicago."  27 1/2" x 10 3/4"x 7" high, 17" high when open for display. Exterior with minor scuffing, else Fine. 50 100
132 The Belle Barrel Churn The Belle Barrel Churn Oak stave constructed barrel churn with iron bands and cast iron mounts, stenciled on front, "The Belle Churn Manufactured By J. McDermaid Rockford, Ill. No. 1," on wooden stand.   21 1/2" x 23" x 32 1/2" high. Refinished, else Fine. 100 200
133 Clothes Wringer Rack Clothes Wringer Rack Wood with original green painted finish with "Nohor? Brand Clothes Wringer Best on Earth Every One Warranted" on top, with six wood pegs on front to hold product and kick-stand back.   18 1/2" x 42 3/4" high. Paint very worn. 100 200
134 Walnut Four Drawer Display Cabinet Walnut Four Drawer Display Cabinet With raised panel sides, four overlapping drawers with cast iron knobs and fitted interiors for unknown cylindrical to oval items, in original varnish finish.   12" x 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" high. Finish worn, chip on lower drawer front and crack in base. 100 200
135 Walnut Counter Top Stand Walnut Counter Top Stand With cove molded top and base and door on rear, old likely original varnish finish, unknown function.   8" x 10" x 7 3/4" high Fine. 50 100
136 Walnut Dovetailed Candlebox Walnut Dovetailed Candlebox Circa 1850, hand dovetailed with champhered sliding lid.  8 1/4" x 13" x 5" high. Fine. 100 150
136A Oil Painting of Trout Oil Painting of Trout Artist signed lower left, "L.E. Winnie" and marked, titled and dated on reverse, "Brook Trout P't'd Taft 1898." oil on canvas of two trout on table with pans and kettle.  13 1/4" x 25 1/4" In need of cleaning, else Fine. 100 200
137 Early Mahogany Lap Desk Early Mahogany Lap Desk With inset brass shield form crest on lid and matching key-hole escutheon, fitted interior.  8 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 5 3/4" high when closed. Fine. 50 100
138 Early Punched Tin Foot Warmer Early Punched Tin Foot Warmer Maple mortised frame with full turned columns, tin with punched hearts, wire bale handle, and original tin hot coal holder with tab handle, all in untouched patina.   9 1/2" square x 6 3/4" high, less handle. A few minor chips to frame, Very Good. 50 100
139 Scarce Green Graniteware Coffee Kettle Scarce Green Graniteware Coffee Kettle In strikingly vivid color with swing bale handle with turned wood grip and turned knob on lid.  8 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 12" high. Minor enamel chips at margins, Very Good. 50 100
140 Early Brass Orion Skaters Lanter Early Brass Orion Skaters Lanter Stamped with the above name on top, brass wire swing bale handle and font marked "Made In Germany", with clear globe.  3" diameter x 10 3/4" high with handle. Slight dent on top, else Fine. 30 50
140A R.E. Dietz Chromo 1920 Calendar R.E. Dietz Chromo 1920 Calendar With shoulder length portrait of lovely young lady in red hat and complete calendar attached below with printed text, "R.E. Dietz Company New York U.S.A. Largest Makers of Lanterns in the World, Founded 1840."   17" x 29" sight, matted and framed 23" x 35". Not removed from frame, creases in upper left corner. 100 300
141 Two Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Lanterns Two Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Lanterns 1st with blue glass golbe acid etched with "B&O RR", frame stamped on top "B. & O. R.R. Kero" with swing wire bale handle, 7" diameter x 9 1/2" high, less bale; 2nd with red globe with embossed "B&O RR" and marked on top of frame "B. & O. R.R. The Adams & Westlake Co. New York Adlake No. 250 Kero."   7 1/2" diameter x 9" high. Both Fine. 100 200
142 Advertising Whiteware Cannister Advertising Whiteware Cannister Embossed with berrys, leaves and flowers and "Spaulding & Merrick Sunny Bank Chicago" on each side with one side hand painted in polychrome enamel, marked on base, "Avalor Faience Balt."  5" diameter x 7" high. Fine. 30 50
143 Saleman Sample Wrist Watch Bands Case Saleman Sample Wrist Watch Bands Case A brown canvas covered wooden case with top mounted Celo handle that opens to reveal 11 nested shelves with hundred of style leather bands with gilt buckels and lower compartment with fabric bands Case with minor wear and one broken hing, else Fine. 100 200
144 Boxed A.E.A. Tune-Up Charts Boxed A.E.A. Tune-Up Charts A green painted steel lided box with painted label in red & black on yellow field with "A.E.A. Tune-Up Charts Copyright By Automotive Electric Association Detroit, Michigan," with dozens of illustrated charts and bookets inside.  10" x 12 1/2" x 9 1/2" high. Box with minor wear charts Very Good to Fine. 50 100
145 Plumb Axes Floor Display Rack Plumb Axes Floor Display Rack Heavy steel wire with embossed and painted tin sign attached to front reading, "Plumb Aves" in red and black on yellow field, back of rack with smaller version of the front.  12" x 12 1/2" x 7 1/2" high. Paint circa 94%, Very Good. 50 100
146 Curtain Fixture Counter Display Curtain Fixture Counter Display Dovetailed case with chromolithographed dial on lid with "Boyemaco Curtain Fixtures All Styles," and much more text and illustrations, marked on tin, "James H. Boye Manufacturing Co….Chicago, Ill." Sides all with chromolithographed decals, and two sides with chromolithographed tin curtain rods with wood grain finish. When open there are printed instructions on lid for operating dial selector on top and six compartments with various paper packaged curtain hardward from this company.  15 1/2" x 18" x 8 1/2" high. Paint circa 95% with some stains. 100 200
147 Heinz Crate Heinz Crate With paint stenciled pickle with "Heinz" and "Baked Beans with Tomato Sauce" in green, on long sides, and "Two Dozen Imperial Heinz Tomato Ketchup H.J. Heinz Co. Pittsburgh USA" with bottle of ketchup to left, nailed construction with lid.  13" x 20" x 10 1/2" high. Very Good 30 50
148  Donald Duck Soda Crate  Donald Duck Soda Crate Head portrait of this Disney character with "Donald Duck Copyright Walt Disney Productions" on long sides in blue and "Loaned Not Sold P.B.C. Akron" on ends, nailed construction.   11" x 18" x 10" high. Fine. 30 50
149 Clarks Teaberry Gum Crate Clarks Teaberry Gum Crate Ink stamped label on each long side in red and green, nailed construction.   14" x 24" x 12 1/4" high. Very Good. 30 50
150 Strietmann's Biscuits Crate Strietmann's Biscuits Crate Lidded with black stenciled "Striemann's Superior Crackers Cakes & Biuscuits Cincinnati, Ohio" on each side and  partial chromolithographed label on one end, nailed construction.   14" x 21 1/2" x 11 1/2" high. Minor wear, label circa 65%. 30 50
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