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Lot # 81 - 120D
Lot #
81 AMERICAN NATIVE ACOMA OLLA POT With black on white geometric design.  Circa 1900.  Chip on lip and short line some wear to design.  11" dia. X 11" high.
82 SAN ILDEFONSO NATIVE AMERICAN POLYCHROME OLLA POT Attributed to "Maria Martinez".  Broken and repaired.  11.5" dia. X 9.5" high.
83A OUTSTANDING PIMA NATIVE AMERICAN FIGURAL BASKET Decorated with 24 figures, including birds, dogs, horses and women.  Circa. 1900.  Some coil breaks, especially near lip.  15.5" high x 10" dia.
84 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA NATIVE AMERICAN BASKET One small tight 2" seam split, otherwise good condition.  8" dia. X 6.5" high.
85 NORTHERN PLAINS NATIVE AMERICAN BEADED WAR CLUB With stone head, rawhide wrapped handle decorated with original green paint, white, blue and black beads and horse hair.  Circa 1890.  Some bead loss.  30" long.
86 JIM TARTSAH GOUACHE OF NATIVE AMERICAN CEREMONY Large 15" x 27" gouache by Native American (Kiowa) artist Jim Tartsah.  Signed lower right.
87 JIM TARTSAH WATERCOLOR WITH GOUACHE NATIVE AMERICAN  Large 17" x 30" watercolor with gouache of American Indian on horseback killing buffalo by Native American (Kiowa) artist Jim Tartsah.  Signed lower middle.
88 PASTEL OF NATIVE AMERICAN ENCAMPMENT SCENE Plains style teepee on the bank of a tree lined stream, 14" x 24".  In gold Victorian frame 19" x 29"
89 CIVIL WAR PORTRAIT PAINTING OF CAPT. A.K.P. WALLACE, K.I.A. 31st. Maine, Vol. Infantry, K.I.A. Battle of Fredericksburg.  Painted from life during the war.  This outstanding uniformed oil on canvas portrait of Capt. Albion Wallace is 19" x 24" in original period gold leaf Victorian frame and the lot includes framed appointment papers from Gov. Samuel Cony.  Lot also includes a manuscript notebook and several other pages of family research into the career of Capt. Wallace.  
90 MEXICAN WAR EAGLE POMMEL SABER IN SCABBARD With 28" single edged blade with 3/4 length fuller inlaid with gold foliage and arms in each face.  Carved ribbed ivory grip, brass quillion and knuckle bow with brass eagle head pommel.  Total length 33.8".  Black leather scabbard with brass throat with single carrying ring, middle band and drag 28" long.  Chip on ivory, middle band missing with drag loose otherwise very good.
91 M1852 U.S. NAVAL OFFICER'S SWORD In scabbard with 29" single edged blade with 3/4 length fuller, false tip, right ricasso inset with bronze "Proved" disc, left ricasso "N.S. Meyers".  Blade engraved with patriotic motifs and "E.R. Barondes".  Gilt brass quillion, guard and dolphin knuckle bow with brass pommel with quarter back strap, ray skin and braided brass wire grip,.  Total length 34".  Includes gilt brass mounted black leather scabbard with throat and middle band with carrying ring and drag with dolphin terminal, 30" long.  Includes black leather storage case.  
92 FINE 1880 SILVER MOUNTED KRIS IN SCABBARD Circa 1870.  26.5" long.  
94 INDIAN SERVICE GURKA KNIFE AND SCABBARD With fine carved Rosewood handle latch.  19th Century.  
95 SIX ORNATE KRIS AND TRIBAL EDGED WEAPONS All 19th Century with wood scabbards one with silver covered scabbard, from 15" to 22" in length.
95A EARLY FOLK ART WOOD SHIP MODEL Of the American three-mast merchant ship "Malden", in original painted wood with much carved detail on stand.  Rigging damage.  45" long x 37" high.
96 MIDDLE EASTERN AND ASIAN ETHNOGRAPHIC KNIVES Including two silver mounted South Asian knives with sheaths, both with wood grips; plus two silver mounted South Asian belt knives, one with matching silver sheath plus a P.I. silver mounted knife and a very fine Kris with horn grip and silver mounts.  From 8.5" to 18" in length and most are late 19th Century.
96A EARLY FOLK ART WOOD POND BOAT Of a two mast sailboat painted red and black, Circa 1930, on original stand.  30.5" x 24" high.
97 EIGHT 19TH CENTURY ETHNOGRAPHIC EDGED WEAPONS Including a fine Rosewood grip bolo with silver collar, 22" plus two katars, one with leather sheath, 14" and 17.5" long; plus a nice serpentine bladed Kris with scabbard, 21" long; plus a P.I. tribal sword with wood sheath and horn grip, 26.5" long; plus a short Kris with wood sheath, 20" long; plus a South Asian curved knife in sheath, 29" long and a tribal belt knife with wood grip and sheath, 15" long.  
97A THREE EARLY SOCKET BAYONETS One in relic condition.  All circa.  22" long.
98 FINE 19TH CENTURY EUROPEAN BELT KNIVES Including a nickel mounted knife with matching scabbard with figural belt clip, 12" long; plus a French knife with inset silver coin in ricasso, marked "F. Herder Abr. Sohn Solingen" with nickel mounted brown leather sheath with belt clip, 12" long; plus three others all with sheaths.
98A BAYONETS FIRE TOOL SET 3-piece including shovel, poker and tongs all made from Circa 1870's French bayonets.  25-27" long.
99 FOUR EARLY BELT KNIVES Including three Mediterranean examples two with nickel grip and sheath and the other with engraved brass, 12" and 12.5" long plus another Japanese tri-metal grip with crabs, sea weed and dragonfly, 9.5" long.  
99A TEN ETHNOGRAPHIC EDGED WEAPONS Includes two South Asian Kindgal short swords with scabbards, both 20.5" long; plus a P.I. tribal sword in scabbard with horn handle 25" long; plus 4 P.I. tribal arrows and wooden quiver; plus New Guinea wood archers forearm armor with shell beads and a Japanese arrow.  All 19th Century.  
100 THREE ASIAN SWORDS Includes an ornate brass eagle hilt sword 25.5" long, Circa 1880 plus a P.I. insurrection era machete with horn grips; signed "Vorgelacayo Warranted Cast Steel", 29" long and Mexican sword with eagle hilt, 28" long.
101 PEARL HANDLED SHEFFIELD DAGGER IN SHEATH Marked on ricasso "Ebro A. Williams Sheffield England" with 4" double edged tapered blade nickel guard and collar pearl grip with cap stand rivet.  Total length 7.25" with original black leather sheath.
102 INDIAN WARS CANVAS COVERED ARMY CANTEEN With pewter spout, tin body with original canvas covering stamped "2 U.S. Co." and other initials with steel stopper.  9" high.  Missing cork from stopper otherwise, very good.  
103 COLLINS & CO. BOLO KNIFE WITH SHEATH A fine Collins bolo with 15" steel blade marked on left ricasso "Collins & Co. Hartford No. 1005" with horn grips attached with 5 copper rivets.  Total length 20".  Includes the original tooled brown leather sheath with steel throat and drag, 17.5" long.  
104 TWO FINE CONTINENTAL SILVER MOUNTED BELT KNIVES Including a figural hilt sword with silver sheath with figural belt clip, 11.5" long and a fine knife with horn grip with silver mounts and matching leather and silver sheath.  10.3" long.  Both Circa 1850.
105 MODEL 1917 U.S. ARMY BOLO KNIFE AND SHEATH With 10.25" blade, marked on left ricasso "Plumb Phila. 1918" and on right "U.S. Mod. 1917".  Machine carved walnut grips with canvas and leather sheath with belt hook.  Total length 16".  
106 WWI M1917 KNUCKLEDUSTER TRENCH KNIFE With 9.25" triangular blade with guard stamped "U.S. L.F. & C. 1917", knuckle guard with 7 pyramid shaped points with carved single piece walnut grip.  Retains much of the original black painted finish.  Total length 14.25".  
107 WWI PATRIOTIC SILK EMBROIDERED PANEL W/EAGLE Depicting all thirteen of the allied flags crossed on blue silk with U.S. shield in center field with 13 five pointed stars above and spread winged bald eagle in foreground.  Printed red, white, and blue silk ribbons in lower corners with "Presented to Ohio Chapter No. 218 O.E.S." and "In Memory of Dorsey C. Ross".  Framed 34.5" x 30.5" high.
108 ENGRAVED PERSIAN SHIELD Brass with original padding and arm straps on back.  12" dia.
109 BOY RANGER TOY CAST IRON CANNON  Wooden wheels.  Marked on each side.  Barrel 13".
109A FRAMED AUTOGRAPHS OF LINCOLN'S CABINET Including Simon Cameron, Gideon Wells, Wm. H. Seward and Speaker of the House Schuyler Colfax, who later ran for President.  All clipped and framed with portrait of Lincoln and Cabinet.  Includes letter of authenticity.  15.5" x 19.5".
110 ORNATE FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUS Or naval boarding gun with highly carved walnut stock, iron hardware, 24" long with silver wire inlay on top of barrel.  
111 EARLY HUNTERS SHOT & POWDER HORN ON HOME SPUN STRAP A fine small carved powder horn with domed wood plug and stopper and leather and brass shot flask, both mounted on period home spun tri-color wool shoulder strap and a second early pistol powder horn.  All Circa 1790-1810.  Good condition.  
112 FREDERICK REMINGTON NUMBERED RECAST BRONZE A fine older Frederick Remington recast bronze titled "Buffalo Signal".  Signed and numbered 10/10.  Good condition.  36 1/2" h.
113 GENERAL LEE AND STONEWALL JACKSON COLORED ETCHING A fine colored etching of General Lee and Stonewall Jackson with three soldiers in the background.  Signed lower left "Julio, St. Louis 1869".  Good condition.  27" h x 21" w.  
114 FREDERICK REMINGTON NUMBERED RECAST BRONZE A fine older Frederick Remington recast bronze titled "Mountain Man".  Signed and numbered 3/50.  Good condition.  28 1/2" h.
115 HAND COLORED LITHO OF YOUNG NAPOLEON Entitled "Napoleon a' Matmaison" and marked "Isabey" and "Lency".  18" x 26".  Matted and framed 22" x 30".
116 TWO 19TH CENTURY HAND COLORED LITHOGRAPHS OF NAPOLEON Includes one by Aristide Louis 1841 and printed by Paul Delarpchc, matted and framed in fine gold leaf 19.25" x 23.75".  Second one of a slightly older Napoleon seated with blue cloak and riding boots, framed as above.  21.25" x 25.5"
117 MINIATURE PAINTING ON IVORY OF NAPOLEON Miniature painting on ivory of Napoleon in green uniform.  Artist signed "Dupre" lower right.  In ivory frame.  Painting 2 1/2" x 2 1/4".  Frame 4 1/2" x 4 1/2".
118 EARLY OIL ON PANEL OF GENERAL WASHINGTON An anonymous early 19th Century oil painting on wooden panel of General Washington in an early Victorian frame, possibly done as a memorial piece on his death in 1799, 7" x 9", framed 15" x 17".
119 MID-18TH CENTURY BRITISH ARMY OFFICER PORTRAIT PASTEL 17" x 13 1/2" pastel portrait painting on paper laid on canvas with wood pinned canvas stretcher, of a 18th Century British Army officer.  Circa 1750.  Good condition.  
120 OUTSTANDING MINIATURE WATERCOLOR OF FREDERICK THE GREAT Mounted and surrounded by several of his generals and staff officers, anonymous, 6.5" x 8.5" in arts and crafts gold leaf frame, 11.5" x 14.5"
120A EARLY 13 STAR U.S. FLAG With early machine zigzag sewn canton in 3-2-3-2-3 pattern with machine sewn linen fly and canvas hoist with two brass grommets.  A few tiny holes in fly, otherwise very good.  25" x 42".
120B 46 STAR PRINTED U.S. FLAG With canton pattern of 8-7-8-7-8-8 cotton machine sewn fly and canvas hoist with 4 brass grommets.  32" x 58".  
120C 19TH CENTURY BRITISH WHITE ENSIGN FLAG A printed British Naval ensign with early machine sewn margins, sewn to felt back with some light spots at hoist and two small holes in fly.  22" x 30".  
120D 45 STAR PRINTED U.S. FLAG With canton pattern 8-7-8-7-8-7.   Signed in ink on fourth white strip "J.F. Dial".  13" x 23".   This flag was owned by a Civil War veteran from Goshen, Ohio, named J.F. Dial.  There were three J. Dials from Ohio in the war.  James in the 42 OVI and two Josephs in the 17th and 22nd.  Lot is framed, 16 x 25 and includes an old newspaper clipping with family history and photo of flag.  

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