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Lot # 41 - 80
Lot #
41 MINIATURE WALNUT TOOL CHEST  Circa 1890 with inlaid lidded compartment with drawer and divided tray.  Excellent condition.  13" w x 8" x 7".
41A EARLY PAINT DECORATED BENTWOOD BRIDE'S BOX  Handpainted scene of couple with man holding ladder and buildings in background.  Floral decoration on base.  Original paint.  Light wear to paint on top.  18" x 11" x 7 1/4".  
42 ALBUMEN CABINET CARD OF ID'D ARMED COWBOY Wonderful image of a young cowboy wearing broad brimmed hat, gun belt with two Civil War era Remington Army revolvers and holding a third smaller revolver in his hand.  This card has period inked inscription reading "Down by Menle Canon about a mile from Pecos Trail, near the little town of Sencho nestling in a lovely vale is the grave of a young cowboy, whose name is unknown save a few frontiersmen who make that spot theys home.  Curly Joe was the name as he went by twas enough none ever to knew whether he had another, so they called him Curly Joe.  He was as fair a riter (i.e. rider) as ever crossed a steed.  Brace and frank and generous and never done a dirty deed.  Ah man of every calling but especially a cowboy free.  Tak a lesson from his headstone, let my death a warning be.  Never think to wed the daughter of the boss who owns the Brand Fov I tired it and changed pastors to that other distant land.  Of beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly and play the dead marches, Oh buried me away take me to the graveyard and roll the sod over, roll the sod over me.  For I am a cowboy and know I must die, by a old cowboy John H. Albright".  This cabinet card is mounted in a wonderful carved folk art frame in cherry and maple of a horse shoe form.  10.25" x 10.5" high.   
42A EARLY PAINT DECORATED BENTWOOD BRIDE'S BOX  Handpainted lady figure with florals on lid and lovely floral decoration on base.  Original paint.  Fine condition.  16 1/2" x 10" x 6" h.
43 EARLY FOLK ART PAINTED PARCHEESI GAME BOARD Wonderful small size American pine game board with original yellow and black paint decoration.  Pencil signed and dated 1900 on back.  All original with fine old patina.  Good condition.
43A EARLY PAINT DECORATED BENTWOOD BRIDE'S BOX  Original paint decoration of couple on lid and original paint with original floral decoration on base.  Fine condition.  16 1/2" x 10 3/4" x 7"
44 EARLY STILL LIFE OIL PAINTING ON MARBLE SLAB 15" X 23" late 19th Century oil on canvas still life painting on marble slab.  Original frame.  Good condition.  
44A EARLY PAINT DECORATED BENTWOOD BOX  Fine Circa 1800 decorated box with shepard and his goats.  The text reads "It gives me happiness tending my goats".  Lovely original handpainted florals on vibrant red-orange background.  Minor wear to front.  17 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 6 1/2".
45 FINE SAMPLER BY PAMELIA HOLT PEMBROKE, N.H. With 3-alphabet flowering trees and potted plants and two large birds flanking flowering urn with butterflies.  Mounted in original frame with old label on back reading "Pamelia Holt Pembroke, N.H.".  Excellent condition.  19.5" x 25.5"
46 FOLK ART DRAWING OF AMERICAN SIDE WHEEL STEAMERS A fine New England 16" x 22" mixed media drawing consisting of pen, ink, watercolor and gouache, on paper.  Drawing depicts two coastal passenger side wheel steamships, both two masted in a race with the lead ship flying an American flag and the steamship line pendant, red with "MSU".  The trailing vessel is flying a line flag with the letter "V".  Small fishing vessel in foreground.  Circa 1870.  Period frame.  Even toning, two small tears at margins.  
47 FOLK ART EMBROIDERY WORK OF AMERICAN CLIPPER SHIP Done in multi-colored yarns with shore line buildings including lighthouses, other sailing ships and steam tug, in original Victorian frame, Circa 1880's.  22.5" x 29.5"
49 1822 DAYTON, OHIO PRINTED FRAKTUR  Printed with handpainted figures for Peter & Eva Weber of Jefferson Township in Montgomery County.  Some edge losses.  15 1/2" x 12 1/2".
50 OUTSTANDING CARVED CHERRY FOLK ART MIRROR In original finish with raised corner blocks.  Circa 1850.  Newer glass, otherwise excellent.  15" x 17.5".
51 HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL LANDSCAPE OIL PAINTING 19th Century Hudson River School 22" x 36" oil on canvas landscape painting with fisherman.  In original gold frame.  Few chips to frame, painting in good condition.
52 G. WEBB, N.Y. SUNUMBRA OIL LAMP W/CUT & FROSTED SHADE Column base with grapes and leaf designs.  Marked "G. Webb, N.Y. Pat. 1861".  Electrified.  One small chip to top, otherwise fine condition.  27" h x 9 3/4" d. Shade.
53 EARLY ASTRAL OIL LAMP Brass column base with filler cap and double wick holder.  Etched globular shade.  Fine condition.  18" h. shade.   5 1/2" filler.
54 EARLY PORTRAIT PAINTING OF LADY Early 16" x 12 1/2" oil on canvas portrait painting of lady, in a fine period frame, oil on canvas is laid on later board.
55 BLUE DECORATED STONEWARE CANNING JAR Salt glazed with handpainted cobalt tulip on leafed branch around shoulder, salt glaze, wax seal.  One tiny flake on lip, otherwise good condition.  4.5" x 9.5" high.
56 STONEWARE CANNING JAR W/BLUE FEATHER DECORATION Small chip to inner rim, otherwise excellent condition.  8-1/4" h.  
57 H. PURDY OHIO BLUE DECORATED STONEWARE JAR Handled 4-gallon jar with large blue potted flower.  Two chips to rim, otherwise fine condition.  13-1/2" 
58 BLUE DECORATED ONE QUART STONEWARE CANNING JAR Salt glazed with tree branch design.  Slight ovoid form, wax seal, very unusual design.  Line around base, otherwise good condition.  4" x 7" high.
59 COBALT BLUE DECORATED FISHING LURE STONEWARE JAR Salt glaze fishing lure with hooks & No. 3 in handpainted cobalt, two semi-lunate handles.  4" line at back from base and small interior lip chip.  10" x 10.5" high.
60 STONEWARE CROCK WITH COBALT BLUE CHICKEN  Impressed 4-gallon salt glazed crock with two semi-lunate handles and handpainted scene of a chicken pecking corn scattered on an oval field.  One 3 1/2" and one 4" hairlines from lip.  12" x 11.5" high.
61 BLUE DECORATED SIPE & SON STONEWARE JAR Decorated with handpainted tulip on front and impressed Sipe & Son, Williamsport, PA, salt glaze and ovoid form.  Good condition.  8" h.  
62 J.J. WOOD MAYSVILLE, KENTUCKY STONEWARE JUG Impressed as above with street name, straight sided in brown glaze.  Two tiny flakes at lip, otherwise good condition.  3.5" x 8" high.
63 BLUE DECORATED STONEWARE JAR Salt glaze with three painted lines around front, slight ovoid form.  1-gallon.  Good condition.  10" h.
64 I.M. MEAD OHIO STONEWARE JAR Stamped "I.M. Mead" 2-gallon stoneware jar with applied handles.  Minor flakes to rim, otherwise good condition.  10" h.
65 I.M. MEAD STONEWARE JAR Impressed at shoulder with cobalt brushed over name lip and base of "C" form handle, ovoid form salt glaze.  7" x 11" high.
66 A.B. WHEELER & CO. BOSTON STONEWARE JUG Impressed "A.B. Wheeler & Co./69 Broad Street/Boston, Mass."  Salt glaze, straight sided with "C" form handle.  Tiny flakes at lip, otherwise good condition.  5" x 9.5" high.
67 MARY A. MILLINGTON MANNIN (BRITISH) WATERCOLOR Mary A. Millington Mannin (British, 1800-1864) 8 1/2" x 8" miniature watercolor of gentleman, signed middle left "Mary Mannin" and also signed on verso "By M.M. Mannin, Willington Artist 93 Strand, London".  In original frame.  Very well listed artist.  Auction records for similar watercolors by this artist sold $19,000. to $22,000.  Good condition.  
68 SIGNED AND DATED 1828 MINIATURE WATERCOLOR Fine early 7" x 6" watercolor of lady.  Signed and dated 1828 on verso.  Original frame.  Good condition.  
69 EARLY 19TH CENTURY WOODEN STATUE OF YOUNG BOY Early fine detailed wood statue carving of a young boy holding artist palette.  Wood is pine.  Few age lines, otherwise good condition.  
70 JOHN J. AUDUBON, HAVELL EDITION PLATE 434 ENGRAVING John Audubon Havell Edition Plate #434/Fly Catchers and Vireo, hand colored engraving.  Marked upper left No. 87, upper right plate CCCCXXXIV.  Lower left Drawn from Nature by J.J. Audubon F.R.S.F.L.S.  Lower right engraved Printed and Colored by Robert Havell 1838.  Partial J. Whatman Turkey watermark along upper right.  Trimmed plate measures 27" h x 19" w,  Light toning, foxing, one small pin head size hold, otherwise good condition.  
71 SIGNED R. TURNER LATE 19TH CENTURY WATERCOLOR Very well done 14" x 20 1/2" watercolor with gouache late 19th to early 20th Century landscape with sheep.  Signed "R. Turner" lower left.  Good condition.  
72 PERIOD CHIPPENDALE MIRROR IN ORIGINAL SURFACE With original glass. Circa 1780.  Good condition.  11" x 19"
73 GREAT COUNTRY STORE DECORATED BAG & STRING HOLDER Wooden holder with old red with black stenciled decoration including size of bags and original cast iron string holder on top.  Excellent original condition.  20" h x 8" w.  
74 SCARCE HEEKIN COUNTRY STORE DISPLAY CABINET Oak cabinet with single door back and reverse painted lettering "Heekin White Cap Flavors".  White cap was Heekin's baking powder brand name.  Heekin Spice Co. originated in Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 1800's.  In 1901 became the famous Heekin Can Co.  This cabinet is from this time period.  Very good condition.  21 1/4" x 13 1/2" x 9 1/2"
75 SCARCE FABER FOUNTAIN PEN SPOOL STYLE CABINET Three drawer walnut cabinet with red glass panels that read "E. Faber's Penholders, E. Faber's Rubber Bands, A.W. Faber's Pencils".  Small crack to glass at top drawer and crack in wood on second drawer, otherwise excellent condition with original finish.  27" w x 13" d x 12" h.
76 EARLY DAYTON, OHIO COFFEE BIN W/SCENE OF BATTLESHIP  By Canby Agh & Canby, Dayton, Ohio.  Three soldered spots, otherwise very good.  20" h x 19" x 14".
77 STETSON HATS ADVERTISING CLOCK Circa 1930-40 wall hanging with backlit dial and Stetson Hats on dial.  Original brown painted steel case with stainless straps on sides, original hanging chain.  Light working, clock does not.  18" x 14" x 4" deep.  
78 TWO WALNUT COUNTRY STORE MIRRORED DISPLAYS Circa 1900.  Old finish.  18" h x 9" x 9".
80 FINE NATIVE AMERICAN GERMANTOWN NAVAJO BLANKET Slight wear and small hole.  42" X 70"

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