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 • Antiques Collection
 Date:  October 21th, 2018.
Time:  12:00 pm

Eastgate Holiday Inn, 4501
Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati,  OH  45245

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281 Gold & Citrine Necklace & Earrings Gold & Citrine Necklace & Earrings Marked 14K with oval facet cut circa 6 carat blue citrines in each, total wight with stones 33.71g. Fine. 300 600
282 Danish Enameled Sterling Spoons Danish Enameled Sterling Spoons Box set of six, all marked ELA Denmark Sterling .925, total weight 1.55 ozt., in original fitted box. Fine. 100 200
283 Chinese Gold & Jade Bracelet Chinese Gold & Jade Bracelet Marked in Chinese characters with four different colored jade pieces, total weight with jade 0.60 ozt. Fine. 100 300
284 Pair Gold & Pearl Earrings Pair Gold & Pearl Earrings Marked  14K mountings with mabe pearls, total weight with pearls, 12.44g. Fine. 100 200
285 Gold Ring 14k Gold Ring With Pink Tourmaline With large pink  toumaline stone, marked 14K, total weight with stone 9.13ozt. Fine. 100 200
286 Gold & Peridot Ring 14k Gold & Peridot Ring Marked 14K with oval facet cut green peridot 5 ct. stone, total weight with stone 7.95g. Fine. 100 200
287 Amethyst & Gold Ring 14 Gold & Enamaled Ring Marked 14K with  purple glass stone and purple & white enamel surround, circa 1930's, total weight with stone 12.72g. Fine. 200 400
288 Gold & Diamond Broach 14k Gold & Diamond Broach Marked 14K with enameled pedaled flower in center with circa  .07 ct. diamond set in center, total wright 5.68g. Fine. 80 150
289 Gold & Gem Stone Dragonfly Broach 14k Gold & Gem Mothers Dragonfly Brooch 14K with makers initials, body of dragonfly has 5 facet cut gem stones, aquamarine , citrine, amethyst , peridot and eyes are facet cut rubies, total weight 5.86g. Fine. 100 300
290 Victorian Gold & Cameo Broach Victorian Gold & Cameo Brooch With carved shoulder length relief portrait of Roman soldier with pendant loop and pin-back, total weight with cameo 8.09g. Fine. 80 150
291 Gold & Citrine Broach 14k Gold & Blue Topaz Brooch Marked 14K with circa 3.5 carat blue tear-drop shaped blue topaz , with six small diamonds surrounding, total weight with stone, 5.31g. Fine. 100 200
292 Gold, Opal & Diamond Pendant Gold, Opal & Diamond Pendant Marked 10K with circa 5 caret fire opal cabochon with 10 small diamonds surround, total wight with stones 4.87g. Fine. 100 200
293 Gold Bracelet Gold Bracelet Marked 750 on clasp, total weight 29.0g. good 400 800
294 18K Gold Broach 18K Gold Brooch Palm leaf form, marked 18K with alternating brushed & polished leaves of palm, both pin-back & mounts for wearing as pendant, total weight 19.49g. fine. 400 600
295 Gold Pendant & Earrings 24k Gold Pendant & Earrings Matching set with sand & polished finish, pendant set with three small rubies, marked 24K, total weight 11.50g. Fine. 100 300
296 Victorian Gold & Cameo Necklace 14k Victorian Gold & Cameo Necklace Marked 14K on clasp with sliding pendant set in grape leaf form pendant with relief cameo portrait of young lady, total weight 38.86g. Fine. 500 800
297 Gold Bracelet & Necklace 18k Gold Bracelet & Necklace Both marked 750 on clasp, total weight 23.35g. Fine. 300 500
298 Gold & Lapis Bracelet 14k Gold & Lapis Bracelet Marked 14K on clasp with 10 cabochon lapis stones set in gold. Fine. 200 400
299 Early Victorian Gold & Miniature Earrings Early Victorian Miniature Portrait Earrings Rare type with beautifully painted half length miniature portrait of the same young lady in blue & white gown, each facing a different direction with natural seed pearl set below, frames GF, 3/4" high. Fine. 100 300
300 Gold Lapis & Diamond Pendant 14k Gold Lapis & Diamond Pendant  Lapis cabochon oval with six small diamonds set above, total weight with stones 31.14g. Fine. 400 800
301 14K Gold Bracelet 14K Gold Bracelet woven links, marked 14K, total weight 10.48g. Fine. 100 300
302 Two Gold Bracelets Two 14k Gold Bracelets Marked on clasps. Both Fine. 200 400
303 M.Kirk Sterling, Lapis & Turquoise Broach M.Kirk Sterling, Lapis & Turquoise Broach Made with pinback and loop for wearing as either broach or necklace, marked on back in feather design with sterling chain, total weight 0.75 ozt. Fine. 100 200
304 Two Gold Bracelets Two 14k Gold Bracelets Both marked 14K on clasps, total weight 21.19g. Both Fine. 200 400
305 18K White Gold Bracelet 18K White Gold Bracelet Marked 750 on clasp, total weight 18.58g. Fine. 200 400
306 Two Gold Bracelets Two 14k Gold Bracelets Both marked 14K on clasps, total weight 14.72g. Both Fine. 200 400
307 Gold Jewelry 14k Gold Jewelry Lot of four including marked 14K necklace; plus Victorian heart shaped locket set with seed pearls and 2 diamond; plus marked 14K pendant set with diamonds; and pair marked 14K earrings set with rubies, sapphires and emeralds, total weight with stones 19.66g. All Fine. 200 400
308 Gold Necklace & Bracelet Gold Necklace & Bracelet Necklace chain Marked 18k & pendant marked 10k, and chain  bracelet marked 14k , total weight 20.02g. Fine. 200 400
309 Gold & Enamel Broach 14k Gold & Enamel Brooch Floral pattern with green & blue enameling, marked 14K, total weight 11.45g. Fine. 150 300
310 Gold Jewelry 14k Gold Jewelry Lot of 5 pieces, including pair of earrings, ribbon form broach, ankle chain, single earring and part of cuff link, all marked 14K, total weight with stones 14.52g. All Fine. 200 300
311 Gold Mounted Cameos, Coral Plus Gold Mounted Cameos, Coral Plus Lot of four, including a finely carved round cameo marked on clasp, plus gold mounted orange coral Victorian pendant; plus oval cameo broach in gold filled; and 1920's miniature on porcelain  broach in gold filled mount marked Czechoslovakia. All Fine. 100 200
312 Gold Diamond & Lapis Pendant Gold Diamond & Lapis Pendant Oval and marked 14K with large lapis cabochon with 10 small diamonds,  total weight with stone 6.95gt. 100 200
313 Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace Unmarked but with lovely bright blue turquoise, appears to be coin silver, likely 1st quarter of 20th century, total weight with stones 8.55 ozt. Fine. 200 400
314 Sergio Fine Silver Necklace Sergio Fine Silver Necklace Artist signed Sergio (Bustamante) in modern design, with additional marks including Acapolco/Mexico/.990/By/Sergio/TP51/213, total weight7.55 ozt. In fitted velvet case & box. Fine. 100 200
315 Turquoise & Coral Necklace & Earrings  Turquoise & Coral Necklace & Earrings  Unmarked Mexican silver with inlaid turquoise, red & orange coral and lapis with turquoise, coral and silver beads, total weight with stones 4.30 ozt. Fine. 50 100
316 Eight Pairs Silver Earrings Eight Pairs Of Silver Earrings Including one with fine turquoise, unmarked, one with artist initials CS Mexican with niello geometric design, one with pearl & red cabochon stones with leaf design, marked .925, plus oval pait with inset MOP, marked .925, plus pair with light green jade stones, three in each, plus two pair silver loops, and Asian pair, total weight with stones 2.50 ozt. All Fine. 50 100
317 Lovely Mexican Fine Silver Necklace Lovely Mexican Fine Silver Necklace With 15 set square pieces of Lapis and another reddish brown stone, marked on clasp Mexico/.950/T-R-190, circa 18" long, total weight with stones 3.65 ozt. Fine. 100 200
318 Sterling & Citrine Necklace & Earrings Sterling & Citrine Necklace & Earrings Artist signed A--- Robinson/1-10-90 Sterling w/Citrine. DK-133. Necklace in very modernistic design with matching earrings, stone in necklace is huge, 1 1/4" x 1 1/16" x 3/4" thick, total weight with stone 2.85 ozt. Fine. 100 200
319 Six Pieces Sterling Jewelry Six Pieces Sterling Jewelry All Mexican including a pin in the form of early automobile, marked MEX/925/FU-AH, plus broach in form of elephant, marked Silver/Mexico, plus pendant with opal like stone, marked Montero/Taxco/950, plus pair modern earrings with inset turquoise & jet, marked G.J./925, plus pair of earrings with large turquoise stones, marked .925, and bolo slide in carved green jade head with silver headdress, marked 925/925/Mexico, total weight 2.35 ozt. All Fine. 100 200
320 Micheal Kirk Sterling Necklace/Broach Micheal Kirk Sterling Necklace/Broach A marked .925 broach with pin back and hanger with sterling chain, broach marked M.Kirk/Design in feather form with inset lapis & turquoise, total weight 0.75 ozt. Fine. 100 200
   Pages 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11  Lot # 281 - 320