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91 1934 HERCULES GUN POWDER CALENDAR Authentic Hercules Power Co. 1934 calendar titled "The Seeker".  Artist signed "W.C. Wyeth" and dated "1933".  Retains full pad and metal tab at top.  Some damage near top, otherwise fine condition with minor creases.  31" x 13". 200 400
92 SCARCE TIN TASTY FOOD COFFEE CAN TRAIN Circa 1920 promotional 4-pc. toy train made from limited brand high grade coffee tins by Tasty Food Products Co., Brownwood, Texas.  Overall excellent condition with paper label still on locomotive.  Locomotive - 13 1/2" x 7:. 300 500
93 ANTIQUE COUNTER TOP CIGAR LIGHTER LAMP Metal base with hand painted milk glass column and cobalt blue shade.  Lacking brass tubes and lighters.  10 3/4" h. 200 300
94 1914 YOUNG BUFFALO WILD WEST SHOW PANORAMA PHOTO A wonderful authentic panoramic image of young Buffalo Wild West Show and Col. Cummins Far East Show, both rival shows of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show.  Vernon Seaver's young buffalo show had supported such great performers as Annie Oakley and Tom Mix.  Fred Cummins had organized his show for the 1901 Pan American Expo in 1912.  Seaver brought Cummin's show together with his but by 1914 the shows had folded, this image is probably one of the last taken of the two shows.  A great image that included performers, hired hands and men dressed in Cracker Jack uniforms.  It reads at center "Young Buffalo Wild West Show and Col. Cummins Far East July 1914".  "Photographer F.E. Fuller 1827, Summitt St., Columbus, OH".  A few creases, otherwise fine condition.  49" long x 47 1/2" h. 300 600
95 1914 KAR-MI MAGIC POSTER Poster laid on board "Copyright 1914" by Joseph Hallworth.  Reads "Kar-Mi".  Swallows a loaded gun and shoots a cracker from a man's head.  Wrapped in cellophane and laid on board.  Nice condition.  28 1/2" x 40:. 200 400
96 CHINESE TRADE PAINTING ON TIN Of British three masted frigate H.M.S. Vanguard.  30 Guns.  Fine condition.  13 1/2" x 20". 500 1000
96A 19TH CENTURY CHINESE TRADE PAINTING ON RICE PAPER Laid on cardboard, some losses.  7" x 9". 100 200
97 GREAT CIRCA 1930 POND SAILBOAT Excellent original condition with small tears to sails.  48" w x 78" h. 200 400
98 UNUSUAL 1855 MARINE GLASS ROLLING PIN W/CLIPPER SHIP Unusual wavy milk glass rolling pin with hand painted clipper ship and anchor.  Probably name of ship and 1855 in center.  Some decoration worn, otherwise fine condition.  13 1/2" long.  100 200
99 CHARLES W. TICE (NEW YORK) OIL PAINTING Charles Winfield Tice (New York, 1810-1870) 29" x 14" oil on canvas laid on board of still life of fish on bank.  Signed lower right "Tice, Newburg, NY" and dated "1840".   500 1000
100 CARVED & PAINTED WOODEN DUCK DECOY With glass eyes.  Stamped "D.D." on base.  16 1/2" long x 5 1/2" w. 100 250
101 CARVED & PAINTED WOODEN DUCK DECOY With glass eyes.  Good condition.  7" h x 16 1/4" long.   100 200
102 LT. COLONEL NICOLAUS G.H. KAUFFMANN PAINTING Oil on canvas painting of Lt. Colonel Nicolaus G.H. Kaufmann in uniform with old manuscript tag on the stretcher in German reading "Oberstleutnant Nicolaus Gustav Hermann Kauffmann" and in manuscript on stretcher.  There is also an illegible signature on stretcher in pencil likely the artists.  Lt. Colonel Kauffmann was born in Frederiksovt, Germany in 1792 and died in Kiel in 1850.  One small repaired hole at shoulder.  18 1/2" x 23", in frame 20 1/4" x 29 1/2". 400 800
103 PAINTING OF KAISER WILHELM II IN UNIFORM 9" x 12" in period frame 13 1/4" x 16 1/4". 150 350
104 COLT MODEL 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER .36 caliber.  The engraved Texas Navy battle scene on the cylinder is still quite clear and is marked with the crown "V & GP" proofs.  Has all matching Serial #188082.  Top of barrel is marked "Address Col. Saml Colt New York U.S. America" and also has crown "V & CP" proofs.  Original walnut grips with Enfield mark on left side.  Nice condition with 50% bluing.  From a Cincinnati estate. 1000 2000
105 COLT MODEL 1849 POCKET PERCUSSION REVOLVER .31 Caliber.  4" octagon barrel.  Two-line New York address.  Matching Serial #130529.  Old patina.  Engraving still visible on cylinder.  Cock fires but cylinder does not advance.  From Cincinnati estate. 400 800
106 U.S. CONTRACT ASTON MODEL 1842 PERCUSSION PISTOL Lock plate is stamped "U.S. H. Aston" in front of hammer and "Middtn Conn 1848" behind.  Top of barrel marked "U.S. NWP-P".  Wood is rough on one side only.  From Cincinnati estate.   400 600
107 SHARPS 4-SHOT DERRINGER PISTOL .30 caliber.  Marked. "C. Sharps & Co., Philada, PA." on each side.  Needs spring.  From Cincinnati estate.   200 300
108 THE GUARDIAN AMERICAN MODEL 1878 REVOLVER Marked on cylinder.  Nice condition.   100 200
109 CIVIL WAR ERA SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1861 RIFLE Small carved "C Fox" on stock.  Good condition.  55" long.   400 600
110 M1860 STAFF & FIELD OFFICER'S SWORD In brass scabbard.  Blade etched "J.H. Wilson, Phila, PA.".  Minor wear.  35 1/4" long and scabbard is 31 1/2" long. 100 200
111 18TH CENTURY FULL STOCK FLINTLOCK MUSKET 18th Century military musket with illegible maker on lock plate.  Marked. "73" on barrel.  Old repairs to stock, as found.  50" long. 200 400


Identified as belonging to Harry Appel of Clermont Co., Ohio.  This fine example of an Ames sword is marked on the blue steel scabbard "Ames Mfg.Co. Chicopee, Mass.".  The sword is 38" long with cast brass hilt with single piece of quillion, guard with "US", knuckle bow and pommel.   Grip is wire wrapped shark skin and blade has etched patriotic motifs.  The 33.75" scabbard has gilt brass throat, top band, middle band, each with carrying ring and drag.  It is rare to find a marked scabbard in this fine a condition with over 90% original bluing.  Minor wear. 600 1000
113 M1840 HEAVY CAVALRY SABER & SCABBARD Unmarked likely Civil War import, 41" and steel scabbard with old leather hanger is 37 1/2" long.  Minor wear. 300 500
114 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR SABER & SCABBARD Spanish artillery saber with checked wood grips.  Makers mark on ricasso.  Sword is 38" long and scabbard is 34".  Very slight oxidation on hilt and scabbard.   150 250
115 BRASS PRIMING CAP DISPENSER Circa 1860 with push button cap release and ring for hanging from belt.  Unmarked.  Fine condition.  3" long. 100 200
116 CIVIL WAR MUSICIANS SWORD With faint "Ames Chicopee Mass" stamp on ricasso, 34 1/2" long.  Light oxidation. 150 300
117 MEXICAN WAR ERA SABER With open work brass knuckle bow, wire wrapper leather covered grip and full brass back strap.  Unmarked.  Moderate oxidation and bent knuckle bow still good condition.  32 1/2" long. 100 200
118 EUROPEAN MILITARY SWORD & SCABBARD Late 19th Century with proof marks on blade, wood and steel hilt, 38" long.  Steel scabbard with single carrying ring, 34 1/4" long.  Minor wear. 100 150
119 EUROPEAN SHORT SWORD Marked "Solingen P. Knecht" on ricasso.  Full brass grip with knuckle bow.  Very good condition.  27 1/4" long. 150 200
120 CIVIL WAR ERA CANTEEN Non-regulation tin with three belt loops, possibly a Confederate make.  From the Estate of Vernon Mullenix, Hillsboro, Ohio.  There were seven Mullenix's who served in the Union Army from Ohio.  Two who were mustered at Camp Dennison where most Brown County soldiers were mustered and further research may locate the soldier who likely took this home as a souvenir.  Some rust.  6" diameter. 200 400
121 FIVE DRAW TELESCOPE With black leather end caps and black finished brass.  Marked "Busch 28".  34" open and 9 1/2" closed with shoulder strap.  Fine condition. 100 200
122 KENTUCKY SCRIMSHAW POWDER HORN With spread wing U.S. shield breasted eagle, stag, tree and rattlesnake.  Domed plug end with brass braids.  Cleaned, otherwise fine condition.  10 1/2" long. 200 400
123 1871 CARVED POWDER HORN With flat wood plug end.  Horn inscribed "A. Howard 1871/Pre to Wm. Snider" and plug end inscribed "Age/73".  Original leather strap.  Some insect damage.  8 1/2" long. 100 200
124 MCCLELLAND U.S. CALVARY SADDLE With 11-inch seat, brown leather over wood frame with rawhide under side, brass mounts.  Circa.  Spanish-American War Era.  Lacking stirrups and some leather dry.  19" long.   100 200
125 PR. OF 19TH CENTURY CAST IRON HORSE HEAD NOZZLES Unusual pair of cast iron horse heads made to bolt down so that something will flow through their mouths.  Repainted, otherwise fine condition.  6 1/2" h x 10" w. 100 200
126 EARLY 19TH CENTURY CINCINNATI DOME TOP BOX New England style box with early wallpaper and Cincinnati Enquirer with name Mrs. Bertha Johns DuClos, Cincinnati, Ohio in pencil.  Refinished.  8" h x 18" w x 8 1/2" d. 100 150
127 1832 WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT BY HENRY GILBERT Of a gentleman holding buggy whip.  Identified on manuscript label on reverse "Wm. Dawson by Henry Gilbert Hill 1832".  In original burl maple frame.  Fine condition.  10" x 13 1/2". 400 800
128 TWO EARLY SILHOUETTES, CIRCA 1834 One back reads "Dr. Thomas Moore, Born Mercer Co., PA. 1809. Married Delia Harris in Baltimore 1834 one year after he graduated in medicine in Baltimore He brought his wife to Maysville, Kentucky. ? Coburn died in Aberdeen, O. and after 23 years Dr. Moore decided to move ? to Aberdeen and in 1834 John Francis Harris died and they bought "Sharon". J.F. Harris was the father of Anna Delia Harris Moore". The other reads "Anna Delia Harris Moore, wife of Dr. Thomas Miles Moore. Married in Baltimore 1832". Two images of early Brown Co., Ohio settlers who became quite prominent as there was an etching of their residence at Aberdeen in the 1876 County Atlas.  4" x 3".  Both with water damage. 300 600
129 TWO SILHOUETTE CUT-OUTS One 4 3/4" x 6 3/4" of man and dog, signed "Ponds" and one 4 1/4" x 5 3/4" with eight different cut-outs.  Both fine condition.   100 200
130 SEVEN NESTED YELLOWWARE BOWLS Late 19th Century assembled set with 5" to 10" diameter.  Largest and one middle with hair lines and one middle with chip. 100 200
131 THREE PIECES EARLY YELLOWWARE All with brown banding includes a milk pitcher, 6 1/2" high and 9 3/4" and 13 1/2" diameter bowl.  Line in pitcher, otherwise fine condition. 50 100
132 TWO ANTIQUE CANES Includes a circa 1870 with antler crook type grip, 1" chased sterling collar on stepped cane shaft with 1 1/2" nickel and steel ferrule.  Total length 36".  Also includes a gold filled walking stick engraved "Presented to Rev. I. Hickmann from his Scholars 1875" on tapered ebony shaft.  Total length 31 1/2".  First cane in fine condition.  Second has some dents and lacks ferrule.    200 300
133 WALNUT STEP BACK CUPBOARD Circa 1850 with two doors at top with three glass panels in each with one drawer and two doors below.  Very clean.  Good condition.  81" h x 43" w x 18" d. 400 800
134 CIRCA 1840-1850 PAINT DECORATED & STENCILED CHAIR Probably Pennsylvania or Ohio with original floral stenciling over paint decoration.  31" h x 16" w x 14 1/2" d.  50 100
135 EARLY 2-DOOR KAS Attributed to Ohio Mennonites.  Circa 1845 oak with three raised panels on each door on small turned feet with pinned construction and wooden clothes peg in interior.  Good condition.  Very clean.  78" h x 55 1/2" w x 20" d. 400 800
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