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   Pages 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 . 13  Lot # 181 - 210
181 Printed Washington Textile Printed Washington Textile Polychrome printed on cotton, oval of Gen. Washington standing by his horse with landscape background and Washington above with Liberty Bell, star border on red & white vertical striped ground with U.S. shield above and below, sight 16 1/2 x 22 1/2" framed, 8 1/4 x 21 1/4". Stain lower right and slight fading. 200 400
182 44 Star U.S. Flag 44 Star U.S. Flag Printed on linen with canton pattern of 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 8 five pointed stars, 41 x 26 mounted on original wood pole, 55" long. A few small holes in fly, else Very Good. 80 150
183 Important Civil War Diary of 8th Ill. Cavalry Important Civil War Diary of 8th Ill. Cavalry This unpublished 36 page typed copy that descended in the family of Sgt. Silas D. Wesson, Co. K, 8th Illinois Cavalry, one of the most storied Cavalry units of the Civil War is an amazing document in many respects. The 8th Ill. Cavalry was the only Cavalry Regiment to serve with the Army of the Potomac from its beginning till the end of the war, nicknamed by Lincoln Farnsworth’s Abolitionists. It’s list of battles and engagements with the enemy is far to long to list here. The diary is quite unusual in that it is the most humorous Civil War diary I have had the pleasure of reading, and I have read a large number of them. While Silas was a man of few words, they were often very well chosen. Some of the more interesting parts of the diary follow: Oct. 29, 1864 Freeman has been taking some of Uncle Sam’s horses for his own use. The Quartermaster is after him. Marched down Pennsylvania Avenue by the White House. We halted and gave three cheers. Some one came to the door swung his long arm at us, made a bow. It was Old Abe. Oh dear! He is so homely.; Feb. 9, 1862 Had a funny time in church. An Episcopal minister named Stewart would not pray for the President. Capt. Farnsworth took John Kinley and Wm. Willard and marched the old rebel off to the guard house. The rebel newspaper office caught fire and burned down. The boys did not try to stop it.; Mar. 30 Said Good bye to Laurence Bacon, Jeff Gardner and Sumner Burnham, discharged for disability. Wish I had some disability too.; May 5 Battle of Williamsburg, my first battle. It is not pleasant work. The weather is hot. They are burning the woods to burn the dead. The men cannot bury any more on account of the stench.; May 10 Battle of West Point. Took an Irishman prisoner. Col. Farnsworth asked him what he was fighting for. He answered, For the men who pushed me into it.; July 24 A woman from the Christian Sanitary camp walked through our camp. She scared our horses almost to death.; Aug. 1 weather is hot. The flies give us no rest. The ground is full of lice. The hospitals are full of sick. There is not half of the men in the Co. fit for duty. If the rebs are as bad off as we, there will not be much fighting.; Aug. 31 Some one stole my best shirt last night. I have one left and will wear it all the time. Kitsmiller had his head cut off by a saber at Dispatch Station but he came back from Richmond with his head stuck on again. Mistakes will happen.; Sept 1 Landed at Alexandria and marched out to Bull Run. Our army was badly whipped, I think, from appearances. Everything is in confusion and the men look discouraged.; Sept 4 Crossed the Potomac at Chain Bridge. Lee has gone into Maryland.; Sept. 7 Had another fight today, beat them again...We are crowding them back to the river.; Sept. 27 We have a new chaplain now, Rev. Philo Judson. He can’t preach for sour apples…; Sept 23 Crossed the river on a scout. Captured a reb officer. We gave his name Fitzhugh Lee, Lieut. Col. 23rd Va. He is tall and slender and swears as good as a Yankee.; Oct. 3 Old Abe was reviewing officers. I wonder how he likes the looks of his Illinois troops. He made faces at us as he rode by. But maybe he was only smiling. Poor man. He looks tired and warn out and he is as homely as a mud fence.; Nov. 10 Left our wounded in the rear of Markhem Station. The rebs robbed them of everything but the negroes fed our men until we could get them to our hospital.; Nov. 27 Chaplain Judson preaches and prays to us and his son gets drunk and swears at us and one does as much good as the other.; Jan. 31 Have been standing picket one month, on guard every night. It is hard work but I am getting used to it.; April 6 Grand review of the Cavalry Mud knee deep but we marched the best we could. Lincoln and his wife were here. The President looks tired but he is as handsome as ever.; April 15 We are on the march...We crossed the river at Freemans Ford. The rebs surrounded us. We had a hard fight to get out...We got out of the trap at last.; April 25 Marched through Salem to Carter Run Valley...Went to John A. Washington’s house, got some very nice books from his library. (John A. Washington was the last private owner of Mt. Vernon which he sold in 1858 and moved to his Waveland Plantation, located near Marshall, Va. and this is likely where Silas looted those books. He was a Lt. Col. and aide-de-camp to R.E. Lee, killed at an engagement at Cheat Mt. In , Sept.1861); May 2 Eleventh Corps broke. The enemy was coming in force to cut us off from the ford. Pleasonton got his artillary in position, gave them grape and canister. The 8th Penn. And 6th N.Y. charged and were badly cut up. We stopped them but it was hard work.; May 17 Started on a Floucester Point...We scooped everything on the way. On our return, every negro followed us. Our column was about ten miles long. Col. Brockenburg let us have a fine span of horses, that is we took them.’ May 27 Went to camp near Brooks Station. Sent the negoes to Washington to see Marse Lincoln.; June 9 Marched all night last, met the enemy at daylight. Have been fighting all day I have got a bullet through my right thigh. My horse is killed. I am going to the rear.; July 5 Have a hard fight at Gettysburg. Our Reg’t opened the fight, firing the first shot. I wonder who fired the last. Farnsworth is dead, struck with four bullets as he was leading a charge. He was A bold and fearless rider, A leader tried and true; As e’er amid the storm of war the brand of battle drew. Where coward souls might falter, Or fools be rashly vain, He never rashly drew his steel, Or weakly drew his rein. Kilpatrick was jealous of him and ordered him to make an attack. He could not win.; Aug. 1 Again with the reg’t, but many of the boys have been killed or crippled for life.; Sept 19 I got Old Charley back. Old Charley was stolen by Deck, but he could not ride him, so Simon Saydan rode him...Deck got him back & kept him. He was shot from under Simon twice, once in the knee and once in the nose. He was left for dead when shot in the nose, but he followed Simon who went on on foot, he came up behind Uncle Simon and whinnied: I rode him a short time of 62. I shall keep him now as long as he lives.; Sept 25 Have got a lot of prisoners, poor devils, they look sorry. Our orders were to burn every barn in the Shenandoah valley, destroy all the grain, take all men prisoners, drive off all the stock and leave the women and children to starve, I suppose. We would not do it. It is the first time I saw the reg’t refuse to obey orders.; The diary continues in this vain for many more pages with descriptions of battles, saving Custer from a trap, death of CSA Cavalry head Stuart, fighting Moseby and much more. We will skip to near the end after Silas re-enlisted with the following: April 15 Last night boots & saddles sounded. We are marching west. It is said Lincoln is killed. I don’t believe it. April 16 It is true Lincoln is killed, we are marching east now, going into Maryland...The was a party at Brigade headquarters and Wilkes Booth was invited on the 15th. The night before he killed Lincoln and dug out. If we gets our hands on him he had better say his prayers quick. April 17 Still hunting for Booth. We found his boot at Dr. Mudd’s. We took the Dr. in. Boot is hid somewhere and he will be found. It is all heavy timber here. We marched all the swamps in Maryland hunting for Booth. April 19 We hear Lincoln’s funeral is today in Washington. April 25 In camp near Washington. Booth is taken. Now if we could get him he would be roasted over a slow fire. April 29 We hear Johnson has surrendered. The war is over sure and we will go home to die no more. The diary continues for several more pages until the Regiment was discharged in Chicago. Silas did buy Old Charley and take him home to Decatur, where he is now buried on the family farm. The 8th served as President Lincoln’s Honor guard, while his body was under the rotunda of the Capital in Washington. Silas D. Wesson was buried in DeKalb Co. Victor cemetery in 1909. We can assure any bidders on this lot that the above quotes are only a small fraction of the interesting parts of this diary, in fact I left out my favorite passage from the diary. I think most Civil War historians would agree with me when I state that a humorous Civil War dairy is a very rare thing indeed. There are copies of this diary with the U.S. Army archives and Illinois History & Lincoln Collections, Manuscript Collections, but neither of these are online or published. Fine. 200 400
185 Cased U.S. Navy Bicorne & Epaulettes Cased U.S. Navy Bicorne & Epaulettes Beaver skin with gilt brass trim and U.S. navy button on bicorne, marked on silk lined interior Julius Horowitt N.Y. & California, 17 x 7 1/2 x 5" high, epaulettes in gilt brass with silver trim marked Made In France, 7 1/2 x 5". Fitted satin lined tin case is 18 1/2 x 8 x 7" high with printed owners initials of C.P.C. Very slight wear to hat and case, else Fine. 150 350
186 Painting of Lincoln & Mrs Bixby Painting of Lincoln & Mrs Bixby Signed lower left Baker after Faris, oil on canvas of Lincoln standing next to a seated and grieving lady with his left hand resting on her head, right holding letters, American flag draped table with oil lamp, top hat and gloves in background, 21 1/2 x 25" in original gold painted frame, 26 x 30". Fine. 150 350
187 Daguerreotype of Native American Boy Daguerreotype of Native American Boy Circa 1850, in typical Native American school type European dress, sixth plate in full leather covered case, still in original seals, 3 x 3 3/4". Fine. 150 350
188 Two Daguerreotypes Two Daguerreotypes Both sixth plates I half cases, man and woman, likely husband and wife, circa 1850, both in original seals. As above, else Fine. 60 120
189 Circa 1812 Ms Map of U.S. Circa 1812 Ms Map of U.S. Ink and watercolor on paper showing western edge with Louisiana, Missouri Territory, Illinois, Northwest Territory, south showing Georgia and unmarked northern edge of Florida, labeled in Atlantic Ocean United States with scale below, sight 22 x 17" in period bird-eye maple ogee frame, 28 x 23 1/2". Minor damage to frame, slight foxing at margins of map, else Fine. 200 400
190 MS Map of Mifflin County Pa. MS Map of Mifflin County Pa. A manuscript letter in self cover no date but given John’s date of death must be before 1863, addressed to John Yoder/Near McCouloughs (sic: McCullough)/Fulling Mill/Mifflin County/Pennsylvania. The interior of the letter is an inked hand drawn map. This map has east at the bottom and north to the right with Lancaster City in center top, Bremmen in lower left and East & West Bushville lower right with land owners names over much of the rest of the map with roads, and streams, 15 1/2 x 12 1/4" with normal folds. Ms text reads: I have sent you this draight as near as i could give it i have traveled all th roads and i gave it as near as i could if you git this letter Return Sally Powell hers if you please James Hartzles/John Yoders. Framed with glass on each side,21 1/2 x 17 1/2". Mifflin Co. is in southern central Penn. John M. Yoder (circa 1774-1855-63) and his wife Barbara (Richenbach) was the son of the likely the first Amish settlers in Big Valley, Penn., who settled there in 1791. Son of John Most Yoder & Ann Yoder. John died and is buried in Wooster, Ohio. James Mater built a carding & fulling mill circa 1820 and sold same to Wm. McCullough in 1834 in Mifflin Co. This places this letter/Map somewhere between the dates of 1834 and 1863. Folds; else fine. 200 400
191 Four Daniel Webster Autographed Documents Four Daniel Webster Autographed Documents Framed with engraving of Webster, each of the four documents is a partially printed receipt signed by Webster, dated 1850 (2) and 1851(2) for between $300 & $500 from Wm. C. Zantzinger. Each is circa 3 1/2 x 6 1/2". Zantzinger was an important printer in Washington, who printed many government documents. Framed, 13 1/4 x 13 3/4". Fine. 300 600
192 Wax Seal Collection of Maria Longworth Nichols Storer Wax Seal Collection of Maria Longworth Nichols Storer Maria Longworth Nichols Storer (March 20, 1849 – April 30, 1932) owner and founder of The Rookwood Pottery Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. This collection consists of circa 225 ancient and medieval wax seals all mounted on heavy card stock and identified in inked manuscript. Lot includes five ancient seals from Egyptian Pharaonic  signet rings, including that of Cheops, builder of the Great pyramid of Giza, three seals from ancient Persian kings circa 1254 A.D., ancient seal of Nineveh, large collection of European seals from the medieval to 18th century. Manuscript letter  details some of these dated 1852. Letter cover addressed to Miss Longworth, Cincinnati, Ohio with unclear red postal cancellation date. Most are on 9 x 11" heavy card stock cards, some on smaller. Most are fine, a few only partial, some crazing. 400 800
193 Royal Patent & Seal Dated 1870 Royal Patent & Seal Dated 1870 Granted to John Thomas King of Liverpool for the invention of improved wood screw and manufacturing of same, in original fabric covered wood case with name on exterior, and 6" diameter royal wax seal in original japanned tin box. Partially printed manuscript on velum, 30 x 21" with original cord that attaches from vellum to seal. embossed paper covered Box is lined with watered silt and 11 1/4 x 8 3/4 x 2 1/4" high. Crack in lid of box, else Fine. 200 400
194 Important Voltaire Document Dated 1778 Important Voltaire Document Dated 1778 Printed document on paper with stylized floral border and red wax seal of Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arout 1694-1778) in French reading: Derniers Vers De Voltaire, Dicties le 29 Mai 1778, jour avant sa mort. Tandis que j'ai vecu on m'a vu hautement, Aux badauds effare's dire mon sentiment; Je veux le dire encor dans le royaume sombre, S'ils ont des prejuge's j'en guerirai les ombres. (Last verses of Voltaire, dictated the 29 of May of 1778, day before his death. while I lived, they saw me highly, to the onlookers, frightened to express my feeling; I want to say it again in the dark realm, if they have prejudices and I will heal the shadows.) Document is 5 3/8 x 8 1/2". Quarter fold and slight foxing, else Fine. 200 500
195 1832 Penn. Letter Dealing with 1832 Presidential Election 1832 Penn. Letter Dealing with 1832 Presidential Election This single folded unlined letter sheet (8 x 12 1/4”) with inked manuscript text is headed Warren Nov. 7, 1832, addressed to Hon. Danl. Sturgeon, Auditor Genl. And details the Presidential election count as follows: Our Electoral vote stands thus, Jackson 490; Anti Jackson 194, 296 Majority. Respectfully Your Obt. Servt. R. Miles. There were four different candidates on the ballot in 1832 with Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, John Floyd & William Wirt all running for president, thus the use of Anti Jackson in the letter. Normal folds and light even toning. 100 200
196 Two MS Letters to Andrew Gregg Secretary of State, Penn. Two MS Letters to Andrew Gregg Secretary of State, Penn. Both single unlined folded letter sheets with inked manuscript text, circa 8 x 10”. Both addressed to Andrew Gregg Esquire Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Harrisburg. The first is headed Philadelphia December 31, 1821 and written and signed by the Adjutant General of Militia for the state Robert Carr. It is a three page letter dealing with the troubles he was having in getting militia brigade commanders to send reports on the condition of their brigades. A portion of the letter is as follows: Many of their answers and evasions are ridiculous. One informs me that his predecessor should have made the return. Another that he had not received any papers from his predecessor and could not give returns. A third that his brigade was so extensive that he had not been able to collect the returns from his officers. A fourth sends me the aggregate strength of the brigade without designating the regiments. A fifth gives the number of regiments and total, without naming the general or field officers. A sixth makes an estimate or guess at what he supposes to be the strength of the brigade, but does not include several volunteer corps. A seventh (Samuel A. Smith) informs me that he has not received his commission and cannot act until he does… The letter ends with the following: I beg leave to apologize for troubling you with this long letter and pray you make my best respects acceptable to his Excellency the Governor. The next letter is a single page of inked manuscript text detailing the appalling condition of the arms of the State Militia Brigades., and the trouble he is having in getting the commanders to send in reports on same. States the following: That there have been a deficiency of nearly 20,000 muskets in nine years and in the last two years nearly 7000 deficient or lost!! Letter is signed Robert Carr Adjutant General P.M. (Pennsylvania Militia). Normal folds and light even toning, some slight tears at folds. 100 200
197 1819 Penn. Militia Letter by General Sharp to Gov. Plus 1819 Penn. Militia Letter by General Sharp to Gov. Plus Lot of two including the first written to Gov. Wm. Findlay. A single folded letter sheet requesting arms from the state armory for a new brigade of militia just forms signed Lanice Sharp. Self envelope with red wax seal addressed: His Excellency William Findlay Governor of the State of Pennsylvania Harrisburg. Docketed in ink on exterior July 28th 1819 David Sharp relative to arms for a new volunteer Corps in his Brigade. Answered July 30th 1819 The request could not be complied with. Red circular postal mark; and the second a single folded unlined letter sheet from a sheriff to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Penn. Dated Nov. 2, 1831. Both with minor toning and short edge tear at folds, else Fine. 80 150
198 Two Penn. Militia MS Letters Two Penn. Militia MS Letters Both on single unlined letter sheets,  in inked manuscript, circa 8 x 10”. The fist addressed to Andrew Gregg Secretary of the Commonwealth of Harrisburg, dated July 13, 1821 stating that Joseph Murray was elected as Major of the first Battalion of the 102 Regiment and signed by Sharp. The second addressed to the same dated Nov. 7, 1821 from Gen. Joel Lewis of Pittsburg, asking for advise on appointment of Adj. General. Normal folds and light even toning, some slight tears at folds. 80 150
199 Two Penn. Militia MS Letters Two Penn. Militia MS Letters Both on single unlined letter sheets, in inked manuscript, circa 8 x 10”. The fist addressed to Andrew Gregg Secretary of the Commonwealth of Harrisburg, dated July 15, 18212 from Robert Carr, adj. General Penn. Militia with two inked manuscript pages dealing with arms for Militia from 1816 through 1822. The second addressed to the same, dated Mercersburg Aug. 14, 1822 from Caleb B. Campbell, Infantry 2nd Brigade, 11th Division P.M. (Penn. Militia) and having two pages of inked manuscript text dealing with the election of officers and resignation of other. Normal folds and light even toning, some slight tears at folds. 80 150
200 Anonymous Manuscript Poem, Attleborough, 1794 Anonymous Manuscript Poem, Attleborough, 1794 A single letter sheet on laid paper (6 x 12 1/4”) with inked manuscript poem on both sides in ten four line stanzas entitled On The Resurrection, dated on rear Attleborough, February 27th 1794. The first stanza of the poem reads as follows: Sing my Aurania the stupendious period/When times last wave rolls to the boundless ocean/And the trump sounding through the land of silence/Waken the dead nation. Minor edge wear, else Fine. 60 120
201 1860-70’s Ohio Manuscript Legal Document 1860-70’s Ohio Manuscript Legal Document Lot of 60 partially printed and full manuscript document, many from Delaware Co., Ohio, and most dating from the 1860-70’s, a few later. Many of these are somewhat scandalous for the time, such four documents dealing with  a husband (John A. Whitcraft) bringing charges against the married man (Amegi Hicks) who left his wife and took up with his wife (Amel A. Whitcraft), dated Sept., 1864.; Others are summons to appear as jurors, written judgment of jurors in cases, many for lack of payment of dept,  several of which include the actual printed bank note type receipt; another seven document deal with the case of Josiah Shryer who stabbed Evan B. Jones in the attempt to murder him, dated March 4, 1864; many of the unpaid dept documents include itemized lists of products and services a number of which have Internal Revenue tax stamps attached. Normal folds, a few with toning and minor tears. 80 150
202 Manuscript Book on History of Art w/ Photos Manuscript Book on History of Art w/ Photos This 4th volume (7 ¾ x 10”) in very worn half calf with marbled boards with manuscript title reading: Speer Northern Art The Chestnut. The book has 250 pages with 260 tipped in albumen & cyanotype photographs of works of art from cave painting through circa 1900 with inked manuscript text about same. In addition there are tipped in printed articles and dozens of photomechanical prints. Cover in poor condition, but photos are fine, but pasted at corners or edges. 100 300
203 Panama Canal Zone Photo Album Panama Canal Zone Photo Album Compiled by Forest P. Monroe, while serving in the U.S. Army in the late 1930's through 1940. Monroe was from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, located just north of Columbus n central Ohio. This 13 1/2 x 9" album has tooled and hand colored worn leather boards with image of a pirate and parrot with tooled inscription title reading Photographs 6th Composite Group Parati Defendere (Latin motto: Ready Defenders), France Field, C.Z. (Panama Canal Zone: France Field was the main U.S. Army military airbase in the canal zone). The album has circa 300 silver print photographs from as large as 8 x 10" to 2 x 3", and includes some wonderful images including a photograph of Charles Lindbergh, taken while he was in the Canal Zone in 1929, likely an unpublished image of him signing something on the engine cover of an  airplane with U.S.A. painted on it, dozens of wonderful images of indigenous peoples living in the surrounding jungles, including their houses and villages, hunting parties, canoes, costumes and much more, wonderful photographs of airplane, including some very rare models, airplane crashes and salvage operations, soldier posing on the abandoned locomotives and construction equipment of the failed French attempt to construct the canal, much overgrown with jungle, old Spanish and French forts, covered by jungle growth, military maneuvers in the jungle, President of Panama and cabinet members, many of the wild animals of the jungle and fish caught in the gulf, Cabarets street scenes, U.S.N. airship Akron in Panama canal zone, U.S.S. Constitution while it was passing through the canal, Colon city views, Porta Bello, Mirafores Locks, village of Port-o-Pilone, Atlantic Nite Club in Porta Bello, ruins of old Panama City, bull fights, Balboa city, battleship U.S.S. Mississippi passing through canal, many off duty games, parties and joking image, Darien native images, ladies, armed locals, many fine birds-eye views of towns and cities, and much more. Truly an outstanding and rare collection of early Canal Zone images. Album also contains several inked manuscript pages of text. Cover somewhat worn, nearly all photos are fine. 200 500
204 Minnesota Military Photo Album Minnesota Military Photo Album From St. Thomas Military Academy, Dakota Co. Minn. This 11 x 7 1/2" album from 1936-7 Has 280 silver print photographs, nearly all showing this military academy and its students, including some very nice 6 1/2 x 9" sports teams, baseball and basketball, ice hockey, swimming team name Black Cats. All students wear standard U.S. army uniforms and many photos show them with early tanks and armored personnel carriers, quad rooms with stacked bolt action rifles, photos from field trip to Camp Riley, field artillery pieces, field maneuvers in Swansville, Airport in Ripley, with Douglas aircraft, 1937 flood images and much more. Most of the students and teaches are identified. Covers with light wear, photos, Fine. 150 300
205 1909 Panama Canal Construction Photos 1909 Panama Canal Construction Photos Lot of six circa 5 x 6 1/2” silver prints mounted on original larger card stock, includes image of Culbra Cut with large steam shovel on rail lines, image of Tivoli Hotel, second image of Culebra Cut with man holding pick at edge of rails, image of interior of 300 year old church on Taboga Island, image of large group of men in front of rail car labeled I.C.C. Pay Certificate Car and image of an old fort. These photos appear to be those of John J. Gunderman, a U.S. worker who repaired locomotives for the company. One with minor chip on card stock, photos fine. 100 200
206 Important 1934 Civil Rights Newspaper Important 1934 Civil Rights Newspaper Vol.1 No. 1 The New Golubian newspaper dated Feb./March 1934 with headline story on The Scottsboro Boys Case. This rare left wing newspaper is 8 x 11" with 16pp published in Bayonne, N.J. The headline story covers the trial of the Scottsboro Boys, a case were nine of young African American boys and young men were falsely accused of the rape of two white women and imprisoned in Alabama. Fine. 100 200
207 Exploration & Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah… Exploration & Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah… Full title being: Exploration and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, Including A Reconnaissance of a New Route Through the Rocky Mountains. By Howard Stansbury, Washington, Robert Armstrong, printer, 1853, an 8vo (5 1/2 x 7 3/4") volume in half brown calf with marbled boards, fore-edges & paste-downs, with frontis illustration with 49 full page plates three folding plates and one folding map, 495pp.
Ex-Lib with removed lib markings on fore-edges, bookplate and title page, else Fine. 100 200
208 Other Worlds Than Ours, by Proctor Other Worlds Than Ours, by Proctor A 8vo (5 1/2 x 7 3/4") volume in half brown calf with marbled boards, fore-edges & paste-downs, by Richard A. Proctor, N.Y.C., A.L. Burt publisher, n.d. with 328pp with adds in rear, complete with illustrations. Fine. 100 200
209 1831 Book with Fractur Bookplate 1831 Book with Fraktur Bookplate 16mo in brown calf with hand painted watercolor bookplate on front paste-down with branching tulip, heart with date of 1833 inside and initials flanking heart of? B. Book title in German, dated 1831 by Dr. Henry Heinen and printed in Lancaster Co. Pa. Minor foxing, Fine. 100 300
210 Indian Wars Ohio Militia Kepi Indian Wars Ohio Militia Kepi Circa 1870's with gilt woven spread winged U.S. shield breasted eagle and E. Pluribus Unum on ribbon banner clutched in beak, woven chin strap and domed brass Ohio State militia buttons at sides, black leather bill, quilted interior marked Military & Society Goods, Pettibone Bros MFG Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A., 6 1/2 x 8 x 4" high. Very Good. 100 200
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